Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When days are dark

Friends Renew :)

I seriously have like the best friends in the world…. There’s nothing like a friend to put you back on your feet. Over the last week my friends have just been like, extra fabulous ;)

One friend left her dinner date with her hubby to come and console me when I was crying outside her front door, this same friend then took me and the girls for breakfast on Saturday, encouraged me to keep smiling, cleaned up my kitchen, unpacked and repacked my dishwasher, hell she even washed my pots by hand. Mandy Moo, I love you….

Another friend, pretty kitty, made me laugh until my tummy hurt…
Here’s the story:

So, we have a Canadian friend called Matt who has been visiting Cpt for a week. He invited us to dinner on Sunday night – a non kid, grown up, eat on the patio overlooking the sea dinner – we don’t get too many of those…
Anyways, he was staying in this luxury rented apartment, with cool stuff in it, so of course I was trying to see exactly how much stuff I could take home in my handbag. (Those of you that know me well, know that I always carry a handbag like a Mary Poppins Bag) So, I decided to fall in love with Matt’s carpet – yes, yes, I fall in love very easily – so Kat & I decided I could possibly fit this 3.2m x 2.5m carpet in my handbag, NO-one would even know it was missing. After much folding and flapping and giggling hysterically we actually managed to fit the carpet in my handbag … A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I was a good law-abiding citizen though and did return the carpet before you all turn me in to the cops…

Ok, so I’m actually sitting at the airport typing this up. I’ve just dropped off Matt who is on his way to Jo’burg, Spain, Milan, Canada, Munich & finally Japan – ah the life of the single man. My travel itinerary today is as follows:

Sun Valley
Sun Valley

I know… you’re all DEAD jealous.

The past week I have been hiding, but only due to the fact that I am trying to buy stock, make up Nappy Cakes and look after the kiddie winkles. Hopefully things will calm down a little when the kids start back at school on Monday.

I also drank some really yummy wine this week.. according to the label it tastes like : freshly cut grass with green figs and green peppers up your nose. Weird but true, and yummy. Ludtsville I think – rush out and buy some. AND it comes in a bottle not a papsak – ya’ll. Ok, it’s a screw top but I’m getting there – slowly……….

Tomorrow I’m off to a ‘Budding Midwives’ meeting to discuss the options of distance learning for Independent Midwives, so excited.

Don’t forget to do my quiz on the right hand side… HOW MANY 5 YEAR OLDS CAN YOU TAKE ON IN A FIGHT?? I only managed 9…..

And, HOW MUCH IS YOUR DEAD BODY WORTH? I got $ 4225. I’m worth more dead than alive then.

Before i go, here are some piccies of us:

Niamh, Tayze & Logan having fun at the Farm Village

All the kids at Cafe Roux - Greased Lightning pose!
Ok peeps, Keep Smiling

Mwah xxx

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