Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did you have a LoveBump moment today?

If not? There's still time - so go and find one!

I'm happy to say I'm feeling inspired after a conversation with a fabulous friend this morning. Yay! Kerry is feeling a little bit better!

I'm really tired after an awesome day, so I cant type much, but I had loads of lovebump moments today and I hope you all had at least one too!

Will write more tomorrow,
Sleep tight!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Neither here nor there

Unfortunately I am back in one of my depressed moods… This time I’m finding it really difficult to drag myself out of it, and I’m not sure why.

My aunt and uncle left to go back to the UK today, which we are all really sad about. The girls cried the whole way home after we said goodbye to them, and are wishing they lived closer to their cousins!

I am feeling neither here nor there when it comes to work, my mind is spinning with all different opportunities, and I’m not sure which path to take! And I’m feeling really FAT again. On Friday morning I got a call from a lady that I met last year, she is a mom of 5 who has recently opened a fantastic baby & kids store in Kenilworth called : “ Bumps and Daisies” It is SO cute. She called to ask if I would be interested in showcasing my products through the store, by renting shelf space. I am really excited about it, and know that it will be an awesome opportunity for me to get my ‘Womb Service’ products off the ground. I currently have one doula client due, but am finding it difficult to pursue this at the moment because of my transport issue and with Shane working odd hours, it is difficult to organize the kids if we both need to leave the house at 4am!

My work at the restaurant is exciting and certainly keeps me on my toes, but I am finding it difficult to motivate myself to go there at the moment. Oh I wish I had a fairy godmother to tell me what to do!

Well, today I certainly appreciated the beautiful area which we live in. The girls & I started our day with milkshakes and latte’s at the Farm Village. The kids played nicely on the park and I stopped to chat to a few friends. Then my friend Ann called to say she was also on her own with her girls, so I met her at Fish-Hoek Beach for lunch. The beach was STUNNING! The sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing and I bumped into my sister-in-law so Shanah was entertained by building sand castles with her cousin. After a couple of hours of soaking up the sun we went down to the Beach Cottages to chill out and eat some more J with my mom, Marg & Pete, Shel, Q, Josh, Meg n Mike. It was relaxing and I managed to tan a bit, I’m pretty brown now, YAY! We have just ended the day by taking the girls round the block on their bikes and they have played on the park which we are so lucky to have literally RIGHT outside our front door, so I really cant complain.

Oh blech, Ok, I’m going to go and chill out in my haven for a bit. Every girls haven? Their bathroom J I love love love my bathroom. Whenever I’m in one of these moods I take a special trip down the toiletry aisle at the supermarket and chuck all sorts of lotions, potions and candles into the trolley. There’s nothing better than a bubble bath, candles, a good book, a glass of wine & a slab of chocolate. Wrap yourself up in a big fluffy towel, rich cream from head to toe, comfy pj’s and flop in front of a funny movie. Oh yummy! I’m feeling better already.

Oh, by the way, if any of you bump into the Fairy Godmother, please send her my way! Princess Kerry is in desperate need of some of that fairy dust…


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kids, Kids, Kids!

So, we are one week into the school holidays, and the mums are beginning to look a little........ frazzled..

We had a 'Bored kids School Holiday' party at Megs house this morning, the kids had a blast. They caught tadpoles & frogs in the pond, had a pony ride, played pass the parcel, jumped on the trampoline, did a treasure hunt, ate sweets, junk, and more junk, and then Meg sprayed all the kids hair GREEN. Oh, and mine, so I'm sitting here with Green hair at the moment - SEXY I tell you.

I pulled the short straw, Meg decided to represent us both at work for the afternoon, and I am at home babysitting 6 kids.. They had a half hour fighting phase, but I have calmed them down again and they seem to be playing nicely.

Shanah came up to me just now and said in her martian little voice: " Mummy, Taide (her 2yr old cousin) POO on the floor. " I'm standing in the kitchen... blinking... fast. "What baby? Say it again" Shanah now shouts: " I SAID TAIDEY POO ON FLOOR!!"

Me: " Sh*t! " Literally.

I sheepishly dragged myself to the patio, well, it was like a scene out of a horror movie. There was Taide crying, sitting in his poo, and he had very kindly left 4 seperate logs of poo all over the patio, and a really big one that he was still sat in. At this exact moment, sister Meg phones: "So, hows my boy?!" Do you really want to know Meg??

I set the hosepipe on FULL blast, grabbed Taide, stuck him in the middle of the garden and SPRAYED his little BEhind. Me, gagging all the way. Then I picked up all the evidence, and powerblasted the patio. Well, I ended up powerblasting the lounge because I didnt realize I had left the sliding doors open. So I now have freshly painted WET walls, WET couches, and a nephew traumatized by one Helluva crap. Oh, aint life just peachy!!

Ok, I'm off to mop the kitchen floor, Shanah and Taide have just thrown their cups of juice at each other... TIME OUT!

Actually, I think I'm going to rather put myself in Time Out, its way more peaceful in there..

Thank Goodness I'm going to the Nags for pizza and wine tonight, girls night out, Yay! Flip, I better fix my green hair.

Kez xxx

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I CAN Multi-Task

Multi-Tasking: is what moms do best!

So it is 18:19 pm and I have to be at moms for dinner in 41 minutes… Here I sit, typing up my blog, but no, I am not stressed! Shane has taken the kiddie-winkles to friends for quick swim to tire them out before Sian, my fabulous niece arrives to babysit for us tonight.

In the last hour I have:

· Had two telephone conversations
· Checked up my news feed on facebook
· Hit Send/Receive 12 times – I am waiting for a VERY important email – ha ha whatever!
· Tidied up the downstairs section of the house
· Wrapped up Pass the Parcel for Megs party tomorrow that Meg and I kind of forgot was TOMORROW! ( totally under control, we just hit the Crazy Store at full speed this morning – gotta love the crazy store! )
· Danced to 3 of my favourite songs – I LOVE my music at the moment
· Dressed myself
· Fed the cats
· Did a load of dishes
· Toasted and scoffed down a bran muffin, just in case moms supper is not ready, and I faint from starvation.
· Cooked Pizza for the kids/ Sian

Ok, the cooking pizza bit is not going so smoothly, its only been in 5 minutes and I’ve managed to set the oven on fire. No panic. I am a mother, I can cope.. I just swore, a lot, and pulled the offending piece of pizza that had dropped onto the element out, with BARE hands. Mighty Jane. Ok, Mighty Jane with burnt fingers now. Ow, it hurts.

I hate these Frescarini pizza’s. I bought them because I saw a friend chucking LOADS of them into his trolley, and they are YUMMY, for like 30 bucks a pizza, BUT it doesn’t tell you not to THAW them first. So, I left it out on the counter top like a domestic goddess for 20 minutes to THAW, and that’s where my problems began…

Cooking lesson #1:
When pizza thaws, it crumbles into a pathetic mess and comes out of one’s oven looking like this:

So, yip, sorry kids, that mush is dinner. I’m off to eat moms home cooking! You know mummy loves you.

Keep smiling, Keep shining,
Kezzie- ma- pizza maker!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gooosss FFrrraabbaaa

( An eskimo saying to calm their newborn children) - we use this saying OFTEN in our house.

So, I havent been blogging much the last week because I've been feeling really down. I think the stress of the last few months finally caught up with me this week, and my body just crashed, even though my mind is telling it not too! I'm still SICK, although better now I'm on the antibiotics and Shanah is much better, little poppet. Anyway, I didnt come hear to moan, rather to tell you about our weekend.

Saturday was possibly the most BORING day of my life. ( ok ok, only a little bit more moaning, I will cheer it up in a bit ) I was so bored. So so bored. And REALLY tired, and the house was a real sh*tpit, but I didnt give a damn. Come Sunday morning, I decided to scrape up the tiny bit of energy I woke up with and got myself up and dressed (wow), made the kids look pretty and we met Mom & Brian, Marg & Pete for breakfast at Cafe Roux at the Farm Village. mmmm - one sip of their fabulous cappuccino, a bite of their yummy breakfast croissant and I was feeling ten times better. Yay! Will definitely be making this a regular Sunday outing, it was so relaxing there, we sat right on the playground, the sun was shining, the coffee, food & company was good, what more could I ask for? HA, dont relax too soon Kerry... The kids decided it would be FABULOUS to spend their pocket money at the Muizenburg flea market after breakfast... WELL, we weren't halfway round the market (on Easter weekend - how mad am i ) and I was popping tranquilizers. I think I flew around 2 aisles and my mom took one look at my face and dragged us all outta there. Spent the rest of the afternoon chilling at the beach, so we ended on a high!

Yesterday Shane decided that I simply cannot sit around moping in my pj's anymore (after a slight nervous breakdown on Sunday night) and helped me clean up the house, scrubbed all the little cherubs clean, dressed them up and we went off for a drive around the Peninsula. Well, one look at the view from Misty Cliffs and who can retain their bad mood? No-one. Not even that b*tch from the Weakest Link could be mif if she saw that view. The girls were so chuffed they saw kite-surfers, and were sad to see the burnt down houses in Scarborough, they asked me to sort out all their clothes and toys they dont like to give to the 'fire people' - bless their little hearts.

So, we were driving along feeling pretty relaxed, the kids were actually having fun and not trying to kill each other and I saw something in the distance crawling across the road, right in front of our car..
So my mind is saying : " TORTOISE, STOP!!" and my mouth is saying: " Um, ta-ta-ta-um-tor-tor-tottie-tortie- TOAD!!" I can be SUCH an idiot sometimes. Thankfully Shane slammed on brakes and got out to save the tortoise from a really mushy death. Shanah was going hysterical by this point, she did NOT like this 'Toad' one bit.. So of course, what does Shane do ? Typical guy, he keeps shuving it in her face so she screams louder. "Look Shanah, Tortoise! Look!" Shanah: " WWWAAAAAHHH!!! I no like this toad mommy, Shanah no like this toad!" Aah, the joys.

Well, the road just got more animal-i-fied, I tell you, who needs a zoo when you can drive along the Cape Point Route? About 1km further on, we had to stop as a troop of baboons was blocking the road. Now it was Tayla's turn to go tarty. She is PETRIFIED of baboons. Shane of course thought this too was pretty funny and insisted on keeping his window rolled down while the monkeys jumped all over the bus. It was pretty cool though, I had a baboon sitting right on my window with this hand pressed up against mine ( ok we had double thick shatterproof glass seperating us, but it was still cool! ) Oh and of course the thing couldnt resist showing off its bright pink, curly winky to us, which the girls thought was absolutely revolting, and me and Shane thought was really funny - such pervs.

Then we stopped at the ostrich farm which the kids totally loved. I personally think ostriches are really boring, but they thought they were great, and Shanah was not scared at all, she even touched one, so brave.

After lunch at Spur ( how original, but so kid friendly ) we came home for a snooze and the kids had a friend over to play. We rented the first DVD of the series 'House' and now of course, we are totally hooked. Disc Two is already waiting for me on the TV cabinet for tonight!

Ok, I must go do some real work.. Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend, and I cant WAIT for this flippin wind to stop blowing so we can do some beach days.

Keep Smiling,
Kez xxx

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Camping story almost there!

Ok, so I have been SO scarce, but today is literally the first day I could drag myself out of bed, we have been so sick with this flippin tonsilitis - R 600 worth of antibiotics had better do the trick, I HATE taking medication but it is so sore, I have to.

So..I'm busy typing up the camping story because I got the pics from Mandy -Thank You my fantastic friend! OH also, I must mention, that faithful Mandy Moo DID arrive on my doorstep with chicken soup and rolls after my desperate plea in one of my previous posts.. Ha ha, ASK and you shall receive. Thanks friend ;)

Ok, here's one pic of me WRITING my blog while camping, just to prove I have actually written it, now I'm busy typing it up and will post it here, hopefully tomorrow.
sh*t, my boobs look huge in this pic, clearly they are not used to camping.

Oh, before you read my camping post you will have to watch the movie: ANGER MANAGMENT to appreciate the context in which it is written.. so , off you go, all do a mad dash to the dvd store, unless you have seen it. Oh, I have a copy here as well, for the first one to race to my front door.

Kids are fighting, off to play referee..

Lovies ,

mwah xxx

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dear Blog

I had a really sh*t day.

Love me xxx

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ow, Ow, Ow

Ow, Ow, Ow… when I (ow) type my (ow) fingers really hurt (ow).. Yes, dramatic I know… I have FLU, sore ear, sore throat, headache, fever.. I’m so sick of being sick. I HAVE to get better because I’m not missing the ‘Ugly Duckling’ play with Tayla’s school on Wednesday – no ssiiirreeee.

So, the 80’s party totally ROCKED… We stumbled home at two am, all danced out. It really was SO much fun. Here are a couple of photo’s, there are more to follow.

Me & Hazel - still loving that cap Hazel…

Dale – Hazels husband – he went as a DUTCHMAN – so funny, so so funny

Some of the gals..

for those of you that missed my post, we had to go: "As you were in the 80's", so I went as a baby, and Shane went as my older brother - ha ha, classic, he even had pink armbands on. Photo of THAT to follow :)

Ok, I am un blog inspired because my fingers really ache. I just KNOW one of my fabulous friends is going to pop round with Woolies chicken soup and fresh rolls ;)

I will write something fabulous tomorrow, maybe the camping story if I get the PHOTOS …. Hint hint.

Sniff, cough, splutter, ow, sneeze
Me xxx

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love you blog!

Sorry!!! I know, my poor blog thinks I don't love it... I have had a hectic couple of days. Have been sick with flu, and my fabulous aunty and uncle arrived from the UK last night, so we have a pretty hectic 2 weeks ahead with them. Im so excited, I miss them SO much! Oh, and she brought me milk buttons so whats not to love ;)

Tonight we are off to an 80's party.... You have to dress, "As you were, in the 80's"

So, I'm going as a baby! Yip, nappy, bottle, dummy, and cute pj's and slippers. will take lots of pics to post here tomorrow. So excited. Shane is going as a surfer, coz thats all he did in the 80's - surf.

I have been brushing up on my 80's music this week, so I wont look like a total fart not knowing any of the songs. Ooh, I also bought the new NOW 48 cd yesterday, it totally ROCKS. We have been playing it full blast all week, dancing around the house - sad, but fun :) My new favourite song ( which of course i totally know all the words to ) is : Wont go home without you - Maroon 5. Its like the best song ever in the whole world.

Now i've given you all that totally useless piece of information, I will leave you in peace.

Oh hang on, you wanna know something really funny?!! Shane is PAINTING the interior of our house - PAINTING!!??!! It looks awesome, he can be so clever sometimes. So of course I'm hinting for a new TV cabinet and coffee table to match the walls ;) I think he's weakening.

Ok, ciao for now,
I promise the camping story is on its way - its really funny. Will post as soon as I get the PHOTO'S ( hint hint, Mandy Moo )

me xxxxx

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its all about me... all about me

Sooo, we just got back from Salsa... We had a real workout tonight and Meg and I were STOKED that we actually could do the steps! Once you get the rhythm you just sort of have to go with it. Of course, we are rushing off to buy a salsa cd tomorrow to PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE!

We dragged five of the volunteer girls with us, and they had so much fun, they are all going back to their corners of the world to hunt down their closest salsa class - bless their hearts :) After the class the instructor danced with a woman who has been having private lessons for a few months. They could MOVE... but my fabulous 'anonymous' friend said :

" Nah, they ain't got no chemistry - Salsa should be Sex on Stiletto's" ha ha - love u my friend. You summed it up perfectly - Sex on Stiletto's - we can all cope with a bitta that ;)

Ok, y'all can stop blushing now. ha ha - I have visions of all of my faithful blog readers pitching up to salsa class next week in their stiletto's now - guys and all - oh funny funny.

Ooh, I had my nails done at Carlton this morning darling - they look SO fabulous if I do say so myself. I will take a picture tomorrow to post here - I just KNOW you're all dying to see them.

So, this post is going to be all about me - all about me:

I sent out an email recently to friends entitled: "How well do you know me?"

Its an email with 20 questions on it that THE PERSON THAT YOU EMAIL IT TO has to answer about YOU and then email it back to YOU. get it? got it.

So I got replies from Laura, Mandy, Kerri, Lana & Kat, these are their replies, they are so funny. If you dont know me that well, you will know me SO well after reading their answers. The italics, is me commenting.. Go make a cup of tea - go on, off you go... then come back to your pc, settle back in your uncomfortable office chair and think of me and only me . Hahahahahahahhahah - ok ok, i'll stop. Here goes:

1. Name?:

Ok - all four of them actually got this right and answered the same:

2. Where did we meet?:

KAT: I met you at the Farmers Den I asked to speak to you and the waitress went off and came back with a list of Curries that the restaurant served at the time..
KERRI: in primary school
LANA: Fishhoek Clinic
LAURA: Primary School
MANDY: saw you first on Fish hoek beach with your famdamily and Chris n Shelly. – such a cute little girlie!......(Then there are those photo’s Q has of you when you were smaller, but we will not mention those again
Thanks Mands.................

3. Take a stab at my middle name:

Ok, here you all got it right - Anne - duh? Except Lana who said Anne/Deborah - gosh, I must look like a Deborah :)

4. How long have you known me?:
KAT: 8 months ish
KERRI: 19 years or so.. Wow friend, we are getting OLD!
LANA: since late 2005
LAURA: Since around 1992, but better since 1995
MANDY: Friends for 8 years

5. Do I smoke?:
KAT: ha ha, who wants to know??!!
KERRI: I didn't think so, but I've been told that you did. Naughty girl.
Oh Whatever!......
MANDY: hope not..

6. What was your first impression of me upon meeting me?:

KAT: she seems like a good baker (you were in the middle of baking a carrot cake and then a chocolate cake (they say first impressions can be very false))

this is true friend, I cannot cook to save my life, but I will let you all in on a little secret... I can BAKE like the best of them - yes people, I can actually bake. Don't spit your tea all over your computer screens now - wipe it off. There we go.

KERRI: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know you, so I don’t know
LANA: mmm - intellectual ....(you were wearing glasses).................

Ha Ha - again, first impressions can be very deceiving... :)

LAURA: In Std 2 first impressions were more about the content of your sticker album – you had some good ones!!

Oooh - I still love stickers :)

MANDY: from when we became friends, I thought you were very mature for your age.(you were 16 with a baby, but could have sworn you were a 22 year old, the way you dealt with life!)

Its called DRUGS Moo.... ha ha, just kidding :)

7. Color of my eyes? :
KAT: depends on your mood sometimes red sometimes brown

8. Do I have any siblings & how many? :
EVERYONE: 2, Chris & Meg

Oh hang on, Lana said 'nameless brother' - thats quite funny

9. What's one of my favorite things to do ?:
KAT: spend quality time with your children and friends, drink at the Mugg and Bean
KERRI: Watch women give birth
LANA: shop for nik naks/ bric'n brac that you dont need

ha ha - you should NEVER have taken me to 'MR Cheap' - gotta love that shop - its full of crap.
LAURA: ...Have a braai? You seem to have loads of those! You like to chat with friends, spend time with your family and I would say watch chick flicks when you have time. In school you used to like writing letters (millions) and debating club – kidding!!!.

I still love writing letters ;) Debating club - oh my word - remember that, MY DEAR? Stupid morons. We were right, we were ALWAYS right.

MANDY: chilling on beach with the kids, catching up with friends over coffee/wine..

10. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you? :
KAT: probably something along the lines of Hi im Kerry.. ( jeepers, i sound boring... )
KERRI: Too long ago –my name is KERRY K E R R Y KERRY
LANA: must have been something about babies/pregnancy
LAURA: Std 2: It was something to do with my sticker album Std 5: ‘Spleen’
MANDY: ’Oh Sh1t a pooh!’ – that’s when we saw Shane on the beach when N was just born, I did laugh though! But you were still young – he hee.................

11. What's my favorite type of music ?:
KAT: very eclectic taste in music but you do have a very unhealthy obsession to one particular song by freshly ground!! (the song.. 'Id Like' from their album - Nomvula. I still dig that song, but I dont have a healthy obsession to it anymore, just so you all knojw... )
KERRI: All sorts
LANA: Nursery Rhymes... but not by choice
LAURA: Anything that you can sing along to, pop, ballads, etc, etc
MANDY: all types, depending on mood. You and the kids enjoy music

12. What is the best feature about me ?:
KAT: your willingness to help anyone
KERRI: your hair (you know I HATE my hair - but thanks friend - I'm loving it now its long )
LANA: Love your toes ( i love my toes too ;)
LAURA: Physically – A well proportioned body, that seems to have got smaller since babies! A face that suits both long and short hair (not like my chubby cheeks).and also great hair!! Other best feature is sense of humour.
MANDY: Re looks – you have beautifully thick hair

13. Am I shy or outgoing ?:
KAT: can be both but very externally outgoing
KERRI: bit of both – more outgoing tho
LANA: Outgoing
LAURA: Outgoing now, younger years were more reserved around people you didn’t know so well
MANDY: depends on who is around, but generally outgoing

14. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? :
KAT: rules but deep down I think you want to be a rule breaker!
KERRI: Again, bit of both
LANA: I think you used to be a rebel before you broke all the rules.....
LAURA: Wannabe rebel, but you would never do anything too illegal or dangerous!....
MANDY: Rebel of course...

15. What's your favorite memory of me ?:
KERRI: So many, prob our holidays in durbs
LANA: driving along Seapoint beachfront admiring the view at a snails pace not realising a huge double decker bus fast approaching behind!!! (Oh, this was so funny, I really thought we were going to get eaten by that bus - then trying to get round Greenpoint circle TOTALLY threw me.. oh that was a good belly laugh )
LAURA: School days in general – Boycotting our Std 6 class party organised by Warren and Sam, which subsequently lead to the ‘wanted’ poster of us! Squirting Jon Hamlet with a water gun just as he was about to have his picture taken by Ms Allsopp. All other crazy ‘hi-jinks’ that we used to get up to! (That was SO cool! They seriously posted up posters of me and Laura around the school with water pistols in our hands saying WANTED. all coz we gatecrashed the firemens party )
MANDY: (Many memories) You and I walking to the beach with babies in prams, then making the most of whatever bucks we could throw together to buy a bite to eat..... Big boobs small waist
- Happy times friend ;) We were SO broke, but we were happy, life seemed relatively stress free then hey?

16. Any special talents ?:
KAT: Many!
KERRI: Um, you can sing I think
LANA: You can make wet wipes from scratch../ solicit freebies from big companies
LAURA: Concealing a pregnancy for months!! - 7 months to be exact.. I'm really good at hiding things, even people!
MANDY: phenomenal multi tasker – working, managing 3 young kids – school/dancing, organizing a home, dealing with other people’s issues / would not add cooking to this list though

17. Would you consider me a friend? :
LAURA: Hell no! Yes...
MANDY: One of my closest and dearest friends – love you man!

18. How many children do I have ?:
KAT: 4, including Shane
KERRI: 3 gorgeous girls
LANA: 3, that I know of... ha ha
LAURA: Hundreds! 3 girls..
MANDY: 3 gorgeous girlies

19. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be? :
KAT: Jemima - Are you saying Im a DUCK Kat??
KERRI: Doula
LANA: Lomi - goddess of fertility - so appropriate, Shane just has to lOOK at me and Im pregnant...
LAURA: Kez, Kezzie, Kerry-Anna; Lulu (I remember that one), Mummy! I can’t think of one to make up! - Oh my word, I remember this - my mom SERIOUSLY wanted to call me LULU! imagine that...
MANDY: besides Kez ?!?!?

20. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring ?
KAT: a boat, your very organized!
KERRI: Chocolate & Wine
LANA: Your cellphone........
LAURA: Probably about 10 bags or maybe the ‘friendship book’!! Chocolate???. - yes, I LOVE my bags......
MANDY: Cellphone, wine, chocs...

OK , that took like an HOUR to cut and paste all y'all better have read it.. Now you all know just how FABULOUS i am, I MUST go to bed..

Still loving my nails by the way, they CLICK when I type. Im SO cool now.

Oh by the way, for the record, I have NEVER used the word "AntiChrist" in a sentence in my life, ever. Slightly random, but there you go.

Love u guys, sleep tight
Kez xxxxxxx

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it a sign?

soooo... I arrived alive!! and i actually really enjoyed it - yes, I was a happy camper!! Ok, i was pretty useless with the practical things, I just sat and observed Mandy Moo most of the time while she rushed around making me tea and washing the dishes - ha ha, love u my friend. I have a whole camping essay written out, so I will post it another day this week along with the PHOTO'S - its quite a funny story, so look forward to it :) The weekend cost us close on 4 grand... wait for the Happy Camper post to find out why............

Back to todays post: Is it a sign?

In the last week, I have been bombarded with signs to go back to my Doula work. Firstly, I received a phonecall from one of the local antenatal teachers, asking me to be a Doula for her son and his wife - nerve wrecking but exciting! She is due in April, so I dont have long to polish up on my skills :) Then, the very next day I received another phonecall from a lady in Cape-Town who asked if she could arrange an interview with me. Later that day I received an invitation to the midwifery symposium being held later on in the year. Then I totally remembered I have a semi-website that needs to be finished, so I have sent that off to be completed. When I hit Send/Receive to send my website stuff, I received the first BIRTHWORKS newsletter! The opening paragraph is calling out for training midwives - my dream.... I need to finish my Matric then I begin studying - yay - Kerry has a goal! Then last night I decided to get 'Doula-Organized' and the first piece of paper I picked up had the article 'Normal Birth' written on it. It describes Natural birth in the most beautiful way, I will post it here for those who wish to read it. It may not be your thing if you're a guy - but hey, get mushy and READ IT ANY WAYS :) Oh, and to top it all off, while I was busy sorting out doula admin, fellow doula, my birth inspiration, and fabulous friend Lana smsed me to say how much she is loving my blog - miss you my friend, will meet up for definite this week :)

Wow, i didnt realize how much I missed being involved in the whole birth process, its hard work, exhausting and it does take a lot of 'family life organizing' but the rewards far outweigh the little hurdles. hmmmmm - im thinking all these things are a sign - what say you?

Ok, here's the article I found on normal birth, I'm sure all moms, doula's and midwives can relate to it, we have all been there - and felt the 'holiness in the air' as you will read below :) Also I found a poem to our precious babies that I heard at a friends baby shower recently, its posted below the Normal Birth article, BUT you have to read it out loud to get the full effect - get the tissues ready! ;)

What is Normal Birth?

The question is disarmingly simple, like asking What is Love? I open my mouth to answer quickly, then close it again, suddenly humbled by the realisation that the answer is complex, emotional, elusive, rich, deep and varied.

Images flash in my mind - I see beautiful wet babies in their mothers arms. I smell the birth smell and feel the holiness that hangs in the air and feel the wonder tht rises in the wise and ancient process that is beyond human design or control.

Normal birth is the mother who stands up beside her bed where she has given birth, faces me with her babe in her arms, her eyes flashing fire and triumphantly shouts - "I did it!" Normal birth is the woman who dances the slow birth dance and sings the low birth song. It is the woman who is naked and not ashamed.

Normal birth is the woman who though she has never been there before and did not know the way, finds her path to that deep and quiet place within herself where her intuition and faith lie hidden and ready to feed her soul.

Normal birth is the woman who births in her own power, dignity, beauty, grace and strength. It is the mother and this never seen before baby, working it out together for the first time.

Normal birth is what I trust this mother can do. It is what I believe in, cherish and humbly protect. It is the gift we give the mothers we serve and the gift they give their precious babies. It is the real life miracle I witness again and again with an ever-growing sense of priviledge and joy.

-Louise Wilson - Traditional Midwife - Penn, USA

Poem to our precious babes - A MOTHERS HEART

I loved you from the very start,You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

Our life together has just begun, You're part of me my little one.

As mother with child, each day I grew, My mind was filled with thoughts of you.

I'd daydream of the things we'd share, Like late-night bottles and Teddy bears.

Like first steps and skinned knees, Like bedtime stories and ABC's.

I thought of things you'd want to know, Like how birds fly and flowers grow.

I thought of lessons I'd need to share, Like standing tall and playing fair.

When I first saw your precious face, I prayed your life be touched with grace.

I thanked the angels from above, And promised you unending love.

Each night I lay you down to sleep, I gently kiss your head and cheek.

I count your little fingers and toes; I memorize your eyes and nose.

I linger at your nursery door, Awed each day I love you more.

Through misty eyes, I dim the light, I whisper, "I love you" every night.

I loved you from the very start, You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

As mother and child our journeys begin, My heart's yours forever little one.

Ok, stop crying Kerri-Anne Bunch....

Have a fabby day,
Kez xxxxx

Friday, March 7, 2008

To my gorgeous girlfriends

I dont have much time for my blog today! sorry blog... this camping packing is taking longer than i thought. I do even have the kitchen sink ;)

Mandy Moo sent me a gorgeous quote this morning which I will post on here and dedicate to all of my gorgeous girlfriends - you know who you are:

A woman has strengths that amaze men.
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love and opinions.
She smiles when she feels like screaming,
She sings when she feels like crying,
Cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.
Her love is unconditional..
There is only one thing wrong with her,
she sometimes forgets what she is worth.

You are all SO worth it - love you guys stax.

Oh, also Mands is not having any luck posting her comments, so she emailed her comment to me on my 'AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH ' post for me to post here for her:

"I must admit that everytime I go online to read your blog, I end up with tears in my eyes, and not from being emotional, YOU CRACK ME UP! This particular one is oh so REAL for all mothers with youngsters in school. The Joys! Lv ya, Moo x"

ha ha - love u lots friend.

Have a fab weekend, will have a loooonngg story for you on Monday..

Kez xxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, i must apologize... in yesterdays blog I made out that Kat was a boozer, she was merely holding my beer for me while I scratched my foot. Sorry Kat.

I'm so tired my contacts are sticking to my eyes so I cant type, but I had to quickly type my apology so I can sleep peacefully :)

I have a really funny story to tell you all tomorrow but I am off to the aquarium for a school outing in the morning and off to happy camping in the late afternoon, but will try to squeeze it in while Tayla is at a playdate, Shanah is sleeping and Niamh will be at horseriding...., sooo about one-ish. Multi-tasking I tell you. Its a funny story though, worth the wait.

Night Night
me xxx

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mumbo Jumbo...

Well, yesterday I was feeling totally un-blog-inspired, and could not think of anything worth writing about, so I'm going to write a load of nothing today, yay!

TA SPEECH: So, Shanah said her first full English sentence yesterday: "Mommy, get the beer OFF Kat" ha ha, probably not the most 'child welfare safe' sentence to say. Really Kat, you must stop drinking all my beers.... Just Joking, I know you'll go mental over this. But, I do drink beer now, its actually quite yummy, but it must be cold and in a bottle not a glass, I know I know, I'm straight off Jerry Springer, a 24 year old till pusher with an assortment of sprogs under the age of 7, that drinks beer out of a bottle and wine out of a box. Y'all....

Back to speech, someone please answer this: Is 'difficultest' a word? I swear it is, I use it all the time?! How about 'bestest' ? Like as in: "Lara is my bestest friend ever?" I think I should re-write the dictionary and include all of my cool words, including the word awesomest and makadingdang.

Oh this is funny, I've been singing along at full volume this song that says : " Should I give up or should I just keep chasing penguins... " I have sung this song to everyone I have come into contact with this week, so I just looked up the lyrics on the net and the correct lyrics are: " Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements... 'cause what if all pavements lead to nowhere" I wondered how penguins could lead us to nowhere, except maybe the Antarctic. Ha ha, blonde moment Kerry...

Ok Mandy Moo, I am armed with my CAMPING list, my friend, you know me so well. Mands sent me the 'list'. On my list it says : BRING DUVETS, TOWELS AND YOUR SLIPPERS. My friend, you know me inside out - literally : )

Right happy campers I am off to start packing 'camping things' - and I have the day off work today, how fabulous is that? yayness. ( ooh, another word for my dictionary )

As per some of your requests I have changed the settings again on this blog so all of you can comment even without a Google Account, but the stupid thing doesnt seem to be working. I will reset it and try again.

Oh also, here's Tayla's dancing pics she did on the beach for those of you that missed them - serious brag... ;) She had to jump on a trampoline and 'pose' she was in her element of course... Sweetie Pie.

Yes, she gets her moves from me. hahahahahahahah - oh funny.

Have a makadingdang day!


mwah xxx

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paper Rock Scissors?

Hmmm... Everything in our house runs on the concept of 'Paper, Rock, Scissors'
From who can watch their choice of DVD first, Whats for dinner, which bill are we paying, nookie, you name it, the decision is always based on : Paper, Rock, Scissors :)
Today I have been doing a lot of thinking. Just about life in general, and have made some decisions on the Paper, Rock, Scissors method, ha ha - Kerry's life, based on a piece of paper, a chunk of rock and a pair of rusty scissors. Scary.. By the way, how funny is the cartoon on top? ha ha, that made me giggle :) The caption says: " Well, this is kind of awkward? " hahahahahaha...
Apart from having a boring thinking day, I got my eyebrows waxed as they were growing into one eyebrow again, it hurt like HELL. But, Beauty is pain, Beauty is pain - thanks mom. Oh also I got told I'm fat today, so I went and grabbed a Shape Magazine from the Potchie Cafe, I'm telling you its going to be the best R 25.95 I have spent all year. Tomorrow I begin the 2 week, lose 5kg program - I will be thin and gorgeous dammit. Actually I have lost 5kg already in the last 3 months of hell, but 5kg to go - always the hardest...
Oh, also, Shane has a really bad habit of rolling his left nipple while talking to people (thanks Hazel..) and now he wants to go camping this weekend to Tieties Baai - how funny is THAT?? Sexy Babes... He will NEVER live this one down.
Did I mention I'm going camping this weekend? Mondays post should be a gem. A GEM.
Ok, I'm going now, I'm boring myself to sleep.
Oh, one more thing: PAPER? ROCK? SCISSORS?

Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok, mushy mood is totally OVER... Today I have had the day from HELL. All day long I have been saying: " Stop the World, I want to get off!! " Seriously man.... it sucked.

This morning started off really well - ha ha, i should have guessed, the calm before the storm... Shane went off to the airport, the kids got themselves up and dressed, I was in a good mood, bags were packed and ready by the door, and by 7:30 we were on our way. Wow-on time, a miracle. Well, as soon as we stepped out of the front door it started.

Me: "Ok guys, grab your bags"

Tayla & Shanah: "Yay! School!"

Get to the car

Me: "Niamh, where's your bag?"

Niamh: "What bag"

Tension rising in my throat

Me: "Your school bag lovey, the bag you take to school every day?"

Niamh: "Erm, I dont feel like it"

Me: "Niamh, don't mess with me, get your bag and GET IN THE CAR"


By now I nearly have this kid by the throat but all of the neighbours are staring at me and I have my 'happy, Good Morning, I can cope' face on... I literally throw the bag and her into the car, strap the sprogs in and speed off - now we are LATE..

So, we are driving along in the school morning traffic, getting stuck at EVERY red robot and Tayla starts screaming. I turn around to see whats going on and Niamh has stuck about 100 stickers from her sticker book all over Tayla's face and bag... Not a happy bunny. Tayla's scream is now turning into hysteria, and I am screaming even louder at Niamh. Poor little Shan is sitting in her car seat saying: " I luf you mommy, I luf you mommy " - bless her little heart.

Finally we arrive at pre-school to drop off sticker face Tayla and a slightly bewildered Shanah. As we run into the gate at full speed, Niamh decides to pull out Tayla's pig tails. Out, gone, both in one shot, then proceeds to run around the fairy garden saying : "na na na na na" at the top of her voice, clutching Tayla's precious princess hair bands. Well, that is IT, I dont care who is watching, I flip out in front of all the calm mothers and order Niamh to sit on the pavement while I settle the little two and redo Tayla's hair.

7:51am - four mintues until the school bell goes..

I grab Lesedi (the little girl we pick up every morning for school) go running down the path alongside another late mother (mad dash to the school gate - ha ha) shouting: "Get in the car! Get in the car!" I hear Niamh come running wildly behind us, she literally pushes me, Lesedi, and the other late mum out of the way to get to the gate and falls FLAT ON HER FACE. Now we have blood pouring from one elbow and knee... by this point I really couldnt have cared if she needed stitches and said in my firmest, I can cope voice: "Get up NOW"

Late mommy number two is saying somewhere in the background: "Shame, it was an accident, here let me look for a plaster, ag shame lovey.... wa wa wa"

Clearly I am ignoring this totally IN control mother and have once again stuck Niamh into the car with mild force and screamed at her most of the way to school. 2 blocks from school I regained my " I am a mother " composure and told her I will come into school, explain to the teacher what happened and clean her up in the bathroom.

Niamh ( in her whiniest voice ) I DONT WANT TO GO TO THE BATHROOM MOM... I WANT A PARAMEDIC!

So, you guessed it, I kissed her sweet little cheeks goodbye, sped off at top speed, burst into tears and got myself off to work.

Work was a total disaster, I had a migraine, I did NOT want to be there and I sat around sulking all day. All our airport transfers were delayed and at 3 o'clock we suddenly realized we have 2 seperate tours on tomorrow, and only one car, I mean how stooopid can we be? Seriously.. panic stations all around. AAARRRGGHHH!!!

After hearing about my day, fabulous sister Meg arrived at 5 o'clock to take them all to the beach and to MacDonalds for supper. So I have managed to shower, paint my nails, have 2 cups of tea, eat my supper and type up my blog. Meg, you know I love you :)

Ok, I will leave you all in peace now, wish me luck for the bedtime story ;)

Kez (totally in control mother)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


By the way, I have changed my blog settings now, so you can ALL comment, you dont have to have a Google Account.. yay. Also, I havent worked out how I change the American time settings so my posts are being posted at arb looking times - no, Im not really up at 5:33am blogging... and sometimes it looks like I posted two posts on one day.. but I didnt. So now thats off my chest, G'night! xxx

All you need is Love...

The local theatre is currently showing a performance titled: " All you need is love " a trip down memory lane with the Beatles. Every time I've seen the advert this week, of course... I have BURST into song :) It got me thinking, maybe those Beatle dudes were right? Maybe all you need is.... Love?
Really, that is all we need in life, Love. Something to think about... :)
So, This morning I was up at 5:45am to fetch my precious Kitty Kat from the airport. (Kitty the person - not the Hello Kitty Hazel... ) I was late - due to the cyclists training for the cycle race - but Kat still came strolling out of the airport with her heavy cases, and a cup of steaming hot coffee for me, my 2 giant packets of milk buttons, my long-awaited Ribena & even chocolate penguins for Marita. Aw my friend, I have missed you! On the way home, we had to slow down quite often for the 'training cyclists' which made Kitty think of a FABULOUS plan for us next Sunday. We are to TANDEM ride in the Argus Cycle Tour people!! Ha ha, a friend commented: "Kerry, are you mad? You will die... " Anyway it was a pretty ingenious plan, of course I scouted the net and here's a pic of us:

Sexy huh? Ha ha, can you imagine it? We would seriously kill each other after one kilometre, but 'All we need is love' hey?

Shane & I then took the sprogs off to Silvermine Reserve for the day to braai and meet up with friends. We had an absolute ball ( even though I had to walk about 2kms in the boiling hot sun.. yes, me ... walk ) the kids fished in the dam, swam, played nicely, and of course every single child needed to poo in the middle of vrikking NOWHERE.. Lets just say there are some well-fertilized bushes on that mountain tonight ;) We came home in high spirits, tired, happy, sunburnt, but also with renewed energy to begin the hectic week ahead. Hell, the kids even went to bed without a single moan, AND I agreed to go camping... I know, its scary. But, our day was so relaxing and it showed me again that its the simple things in life that count...'All you need is love ;) ' I know, I know I'm being mushy but hey, thats my mood tonight ;)

Dam, my teacup has a hole in the bottom of it so my tea is spilling everywhere...

A special friend summed it up pretty well: "One day when I end up in an old age mental institution, rocking away in my rocking chair I know its these special moments with special people that will play over and over in my mind, and no-one can take those moments away from you, no matter what." Sweet hey?

So, on my really mushy note, I will bid you all goodnight, my sweet, special friends :)

Here's a quote for you to keep in mind this week:

To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world.- Bill Wilson -

Ok, I know you're all thinking: Where is Kerry, what have you done with her... ha ha :)

Love u guys,