Friday, April 25, 2008

I have found my match!

Sooo, I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but watching THIS woman is like watching me on a TV show...

Lynette - my match. Its scary.... Her husband is always away on business, she wants to be at home with the kids but her career tugs on her heartstrings at times, her kids are WILD, i mean, the first episode where she walks into the swimming pool in her stilettos to drag her 3 screaming kids out is SO me. Her car is constantly covered in popcorn, SHE is constantly covered in baby food, her house is ALWAYS a mess - even though she tries to keep it under control, and as for her trips to the supermarket - CLASSIC. She is ME all rolled up into a blonde. Lynette, I love you.

Its so weird how you can actually pick out which characters your friends are like, just amongst my closest buddies, I can choose exactly which Desperate Housewife they are. ;) Some could take offense though, so I wont mention names here - ha ha

Moving on. Sister Meg pops round last night to tell me about Taide's 'imaginary friend' called.... SHANAH. She's not sure if he has an obsession with Shan or whether it seriously is an imaginary friend.

Every night she has to dish up an extra plate of food for 'DANNA' . Then he sits at the table and feeds Danna first. When they go to bed, he tells Meg to MOVE UP FOR DANNA, and everyone has to roll up for her. When he rides his quad bike in the garden he screams: 'HOLD ON DANNA!! ' HOW precious is that?? I watched a pretty sick movie about imaginary friends last week called Opal Dream, and this little girl had 2 imaginary friends and they DIED. Jeepers, some movie writing people are so bored and warped.

We went to Moyo for dinner last night, it was so cool. The African vibe, dancers and music give me the chills every time, so cool.

This morning we are off to a friend for tea, and were supposed to be going to Hermanus this avie, but might postpone that for next weekend when we can spend more time there.

Ok, have a gorgeous long weekend,

Keep Smiling

Mwah xxx

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