Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog inspiration

So, I have been reading loads and loads of blogs lately.

Two of my fave mommy blog's: A home-schooling mom of SEVEN in Fish-Hoek. Gotta love this woman - she seems amazing..

I spotted her house and am so tempted to just knock on her door and hug this woman, although she would probably think i was just a nutty stalker person, so best i not do that! :)

The second one is - in an ideal, realistic world, I would love to live like this family lives in Portland, Maine. If you are looking for peace in your crazy family - read this blog - totally inspiring.

The purpose of this post is really to update you all, so here goes!

We've been doing a lot of karaoke!

Go Dave!

Go Girls!

We have been laughing with friends - especially over how to pronounce GERANIUM

We ran lots of races at sports day!

We drank some bubbles

We chilled

We went to the beach

We made the kids laugh by posing in front of this mural

We started school

We took people on tour

We went to a party

We went bike riding

We scratched and patched in the Scratch Patch!

We 'guper-flied' like GuperMan!

and a whole lot more! Shew - only now do i realize how much we have actually done! Girls - I dont want to hear the words : " But Momma I'm bored-a!" (anyway, why is it that my kids put an 'ah' on the end of every word?? Momm-ah , No-ah, Niamh-ah, Yes - ah? Emphasis or Irritation?)

Keep Smiling,
Kez xx