Friday, April 18, 2008

Damsel in Distress

My car broke down yesterday and I really was a classic damsel in distress.

So, I’m literally stuck out in the Sticks at the farm where Niamh goes horse riding, and there is not ONE soul around to help me, and I have water gushing out the radiator. Yip, the same radiator we had replaced only two weeks ago. I phoned Shane with my one bar of battery life and one bar of signal that I had, and he says:

“ok, find warm water, a container with a lid and 2 flat screwdrivers”

Me: “Ok………. Erm, did you even hear me? I’m on a FARM with NO-one around, WHERE exactly would you like me to find warm water & TWO screwdrivers”

Shane: (totally ignoring me) “Ok, so you have to get in the boot, then take the two screwdrivers and take the blue cap off the water bottle with the black pipe coming out of the lid, NOT the other water bottle, then get a sh*tload of warm water and pour it in until its full…wa wa wa wa”

Me: “Ok……..Erm, clearly you are not hearing me, I DON’T have those things. Whats the backup plan?”

Shane: “ There IS no backup plan, I cant find anyone that can help you right now and I’m stuck in Cape-Town”

Me: “ don’t bother” slam the phone down

Eventually after like an hour, the stable master helped me out of the goodness of his heart and I freewheeled over the mountain to the mechanic. BUT NO-one told me that when you freewheel your brakes don’t work so I practically caused a five car pile up at the intersection and one guy even swore at me, he NEARLY got a mouthful of my wrath. I eventually get to the petrol station where the mechanic works, jump out the car and by now all the kids are screaming and I’m kicking the car and cursing it with all my might like a mental woman. Monray took one look at me and says : Kerry, step out of the VE- HHIKLE and hand me the keys……

It turns out it was a faulty tube thingy on the radiator so I had to fart around the supermarket for an hour while they fixed it.

Life Lesson # 85: LEARN how to fix a car on your own

Wacky Race Day was postponed due to the fact that it is CHUCKING down with rain….Shane is off on tour the whole weekend, so me and the girls are pretty much stuck indoors. Unless I go to Hermanus, if I find the energy to drive there. I think we’ll have to get creative otherwise the kids are going to go nuts. Pancakes, arty farty stuff, and we may even venture as far as clearing out the playroom. Supposed to be off to another 80’s party tonight , Meg is going to wear her Barney suit there instead now, so should be classic.

Have a fun-tastic day,
Me xxx

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