Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Thats how I'm feeling today - fuzzy...

My day started with a brisk walk with my Dad on Fish-Hoek Beach, followed by 2 mugs of steaming hot, strong filter coffee, to enable me to get through our very serious but necessary conversation... I proceeded to spend the rest of the day shaking from the caffeine overload. Oh, and I forgot to eat today, thats how busy I was - oh no, I did munch a carrot at two o'clock. Yip, I'm such a carrot cruncher now.

Tomorrow I am attending the Bumps n Daisies shop opening - yay! I have been hectically getting all of my stock together, and Mands took some stunning pics of the Nappy Cakes :

No... you cant EAT them... they are made up of rolled up disposable nappies and filled with all sorts of fabulous gifts for mom & baby. So now I've done my advertising shpeel... all rush out and buy one ! :)

I have a mom due today, so I am doing all my doula-ish things, charging my cellphone, packing my doula bag, refreshing my mind on all of the medical terminology I may need to know, packing kids lunches, organizing backup mums to pick up my sprogs from school - that sort of thing... All fun though, and I'm really looking forward to a good birth, my last one was pretty much a nightmare.. :)

Ok, must get some sleep in case I don't get to sleep for 2 days - Lana, you know how I feel..

Has anyone tried the Impossible Quiz? Thanks to Kat for getting me addicted :)

Sleep tight, Keep Smiling


Kez xxx

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