Monday, April 28, 2008


So today I am writing about pretty ARB stuff, because thats how I'm feeling - disorganized (or is it unorganized?)

Anyways, this morning, my friend Ann & I started off the day on a good note, we went for a brisk walk on Fish-Hoek Beach, followed by brekkie & tea at the Bistro - yum, the best part about having a walk first, you dont feel half as guilty. Then I popped in to help mom at the restaurant for 2 hours before I was called to collect the sprogs from Somerset Mall. I received a frantic call from my mom in law to say : " Niamh has just vomited the WHOLE way over Sir Lowry's Pass, BRING ME CLOTHES" - glad it wasn't me she puked on, I can do anything, guts, blood, pus, you name it, I'm not squeamish, but DONT, i repeat DO NOT vomit on me or near me - I'm sorry, I can't help you. I think a few of you know how serious I am on this matter...

Today I cut in front of an old granny in the supermarket so I could get to the till first. It was like a mad dash to the finish line. I saw her approaching from Aisle 7 and my eyes met her gaze.. " You'll never make it granny" I was saying in my head, and I saw the look of fiery competition in her eyes.. I hurdled over a basket trolley and a cornflakes box and made a victorious win to the finish line to the slow tune of Chariots of Fire.. And i felt bad... erm, No, I didnt. I saw the look of defeat and anger in her eyes under her blue rinse hair, and watched as she slammed her groceries onto the belt thingy behind me. I shot her a dazzling smile, flicked my hair over my shoulder, looking VERY cool.... and promptly tripped over a cable, landing on all fours, in the middle of the public holiday shoppers, looking VERY uncool. Oh joy. Just shows what you get for being competitive..

Ann then shipped me off to hellish Somerset Mall in her new larni 4x4, it only cost us about R 500 in petrol in that gas guzzler.. :) NEVER hit Somerset Mall on a public holiday, what a mistake.. it was jam jam packed. I whisked the kiddies out of there, and we shot back home. Off course we got lost in Khayelitsha on the way back.. 2 women and 5 little girls in a brand new 4 x 4.. not a good idea. But good old Ann used her Jo'burg driving skills and sped us out of danger.

Ok, I must go make lunches for school tomorrow. This week is so stupid, we only have 2 work/school days and 5 days of holiday. The kids may as well stay at home, but I have to help with transfers tomorrow AND work at the restaurant from 8am, as Shane is out all day, so best send the offspring to school for the morning.

Okey Dokey, Sleep tight
Keep Smiling
mwah xxx

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