Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So, the kids are back at school today... At precisely 8:05 am this morning I heard a communal sigh of relief from all mothers in the valley... Haha, we love the little darlings, but it is SO nice to get some peace... :)

We've had a pretty hectic few days, so here goes!

On Thursday Shane's granny passed away after a long battle with cancer, her funeral was held on Saturday, so we just had a quiet day at home after the service as Shane wasn't feeling so lekker. Oh no, we did go for lunch with Mandy and Quin afterwards and then Mandy took photo's of my stock, as I am updating my website. Yay! at last... will keep you all posted on it.

Yesterday, Shane's folks were here for the day, so we spent most of the day EATING, drinking tea, EATING and chatting about life in general, it was relaxing, and we managed to just chill before the craziness of the week begun..:)

I've started my walking again, so yesterday I walked the length of the beach and back while Shane swam with the kids. Kerry? Walk? I know, THIS from a girl that DRIVES from one side of the mall to the other. Laziness supreme. I actually enjoy walking though - shock,horror. Just NOT fast - the Noordhoek Athletics Club can tell you just how crap I am, but that is a story for another day.

So, back to yesterdays walk... I was walking ( briskly I might add ) along the sand, singing away to my ipod (totally forgetting all the other beach walkers could hear me, but who cares ) I was chilled, relaxed and reflecting on the weeks events. As i reached the FAAARR end of the beach a wave came in and brought along with it... TEN MILLION BEES. Here i am, still SINGING away, like I haven't got a care in the world, and I stepped right in the middle of the dam bee infestation. Only one of the little buggers got me right underneath my toe - like EINA EINA EINA. I collapse into the waves ( like the drama princess i am ), pull out the little cretin with all my might and begin... to... PANIC. i am at the other side of the beach, with no cellphone, no body and now .. no toe..

I'm now saying aloud: PULL yourself together Kerry, its only a bee sting, you can do this. I turn around and begin the long walk back to the car. By now the fellow happy beach walkers think I am totally insane - who is this weird chick? first singing her lungs out, then collapsing into the waves and now talking to herself ( loudly ) the whole way down the beach. I was seriously getting the : " Shame Lovey, never mind, there is nerve medication for this you know " looks. So, I'm trudging down the beach, and the pain is kicking in, big time. I am now requesting to myself ALOUD that a HELICOPTER airlift me outta there and the tears are beginning to spill. FOCUS Kerry. So, I focus on the mountain in front of me - NOT HELPING. You know when you're desperate to get somewhere so you focus on the mountain and the mountain keeps moving further away from you??? That was SO happening.

Eventually the car comes into sight and by this stage I am TOTALLY convinced that I am allergic to bees and that I can actually feel my thighs tingling and my throat swelling, and that I'm going to end up looking like this:

I run ( well hop ) all the way to the car, and Shane says: " So, how was your walk? " GET ME TO THE PHARMACY...

By the time I got home I was feeling fine, I didnt even need the medication and I still went off and did a transfer... ha ha, it beat standing cooking supper.

Ok, I really am busy busy busy, so I should go... I am being extremely practical, I have a very practical friend that taught me to be practical, and now I can't help it... So, i should stay in my practical mood for as long as I can. Thanks Rufus.

Have a gorgeous week,


me xxx


Anonymous said...

hi kez loved reading your blog you are hilarious !!! i was reading your profile i forget you are only 24 you come across as a lot older i mean you know a lot of things the way you run your life and manage 3 kids ,a husband and several businesses !! I DO NOT MEAN IN LOOKS !!! love your older cousin ( a lot older ) xxxxx

Kerry said...

aw thanks older cuz!!! I love you and miss you lots lots lots... Keep reading, my life just gets BETTER.

Sending you sunshine & love

me xxx