Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm all alone..

So, I'm all alone this evening, Shane has taken the girls to the volunteer braai until about nine, and I am already BORED.... I'm supposed to be maybe meeting Hazel for nachos and wine but I'm not sure if we confirmed it or not?

I'm so sad, I'm looking at my cellphone and saying: "Ring, Dam you, Ring". I mean there are like a ga-zillion 'mom' things I could do like repack the kitchen cupboards, finish the boring filing, make my bed (oops), bring the washing in, blah blah blah, but I'm boring myself to sleep just thinking about it. I took out a Desperate Housewives DVD to watch, so maybe I should just have my own soppy party on my own. I cant believe I'm so pathetic! Jeepers, no, I have to get a grip. I'm going for a spin in my new car (lovin' it) to have a think.

By the way the 'Thats life' post was posted this morning but I'm still set to American time so it says Tuesday - so weird, I know.

Mwah xxx

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