Friday, April 18, 2008

Never underestimate your kids!

We have recently had a few sessions with the primary schools child play therapist. One of the ‘homework’ requirements for Shane & I is to spend one-on-one time with EACH child to limit the pretty hectic sibling rivalry we have going on in our house. One-on-One time with three kids sounds easier than it actually is and takes some major time organization skills to figure it out, BUT we have come up with a plan.

So, yesterday I sat them down and explained how it works etc etc. Each child gets one special thing to do with me once a week and one special thing to do with Dad once a week. All alone, NO sisters involved. By this part of the conversation they were getting REALLY excited :) So, I was bracing myself for the pretty unrealistic idea’s that were probably about to spill from their lips. You know kids: “ erm, I think I would like to go to Ratanga Junction once a week, and a new pair of rollerblades, and an aeroplane ride … and and and” Well, I was absolutely shocked and SO proud of them, here’s their list, with no help from me:


Time with Dad: Movie & a milkshake on Tuesday
Time with Mom: Bake a gooey Chocolate Cake


Time with Dad: A picnic and 4 runs around the sports field
Time with Mom: Tea @ the Farm Village


shame, she doesn’t even understand, so was shouting out ITH- PEEEEM! (ice-cream) BUMPING TASTLE! (jumping castle) FWEETIES! (sweeties) and even BERY HOPTER! (helicopter – ok, that’s a bit OTT darlin )

So, Shanah will probably go with a run down the beach and an ice cream at Macky D’s.

Cute hey? I wish my camera was working so I can show you their list, they wrote it all down in their bestest (me word) handwriting and stuck it on the fridge. So precious.

Today I am just catching up on filing – blech! and booking safari’s, skydives, wine tours etc, we are busy busy all of a sudden with the volunteers, which is great for us, especially as we are heading into winter season – yay!

Tomorrow is WACKY RACE DAY for Tayla & Shanah’s school on the Fish-Hoek Sports fields. I have to run the moms race, we have to do the Monty Python walk – good grief.. The dads have to run back wards :) Sister Meg has hired a full on Barney costume and is going as Barney – ha ha, her poor son will never live it down. “Hey, Aren’t you that kid whose mum went to sports day as Barney?” She’s so cute. Classic photo opportunity, so will post piccies over the weekend.

I’m hoping to go to Hermanus for the day on Sunday, as Shane is on tour all weekend – surprise surprise! So will try and convince my fabulous father-in-law to cook me a roast dinner – yummy.

Have an awesome weekend,
Me xxx

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