Friday, February 29, 2008

A Chicks Handbag

I took a sleeping pill last night, which Shane assured me would "Knock me for six"... Well the stupid thing didnt kick in until this morning and now I'm ready for a 24 hour kip. So, I couldnt think about anything inspirational to write about in my groggy state and decided to empty out my handbag. Now I'm not really a handbag sort of girl as most of you know, more of a rucksack chick. The more it looks like a backpack, the better. Well, Mary Poppins must have cast a spell on this bag in the last week because the stuff just kept coming out of it, here goes:

Restaurant Stock Order Sheet - oops must order this on Monday. I must, I must.

Choc Stick Ice Cream Wrapper


A set of house keys - I dont even remember who these belong to - it must be important though

5 x starfish - ??? dont ask

A pair of slippers - erm, ja

Roll on glitter

2 x Fairy Cakes

My bulging wallet - full of receipts and 'insufficient funds' slips

Truworths Card - they mailed it to me on friday, i didnt even ask for it. Silly silly.... :)

My ipod - I love my ipod, my sanity saver

Beach Parking Disk

My house keys

Pink Satin Bag - the type of bag you would keep some 'stash' in , so I believe ;)

Chinese Calculator

A pair of stick on eyes - again... dont ask

Lip gloss - never without my trusty lip gloss!

A pin on badge that says: " When God created man, she was only joking... " ha - love it.

A Did you Know Chappie Wrapper...

Nags Head Restaurant Bill

6 Gemstones - Shanah must have slipped these in there when we went to the Gemstone Factory - well trained..

Hairclips - loads of them, we have a lotta hair between the four of us - ha ha - i know... i know...

Half a pair of sunglasses - erm, ja

Biral Natural Tranquilizers

2 x perfumes


4 Contact Lenses

My diary

Id Book

Cheque Book

Hand Cream



Playing Cards

2 x Cellphones


Wet Wipes

Sippy Cup

and R 23.60 in loose change

My bag is seriously only the size of like... erm... a box of Jungle Oats. ha ha, thats the first thing i can see that looks about the same size. So ja, beat that..

Ok, I wont put you through this agony any longer. Im out partying tonight - we have a baby sitter - YAY!!! So, tomorrow I should have fabulous things to tell.

Have a sizzling Saturday

Kezzie-ma-bag lady


Sports Day!

So, today was the Sports Day at the Primary School to introduce the Grade One's for next year. Can you believe it, my baby Tayla will be in Grade One next year! Its so scary. She didnt want to run in the survivor race, but daddy did - well, he ran a 'relay' with another daddy, Dale, the cheaters.. :) I think they came in like fourth - so not too bad, out of four. ha ha, just kidding. So, I know you are all wondering if I ran in the mommy's race... the answer is a big fat NO. Those moms are SERIOUS man , i reckon they've been training for a year just for this race. I would still be hobbling to the finish line if I'd even tried to attempt it.

I did run in a race once though, when i was about six, actually at the same school on the same field :) It was a Pyjama Race, so we had to run halfway, jump into some PJ's and then run the rest of the way. I was doing well until I stopped to put the PJ's on.... My PJ's were INSIDE OUT, well, that just wont do, so yip, you guessed it, I stopped, turned the PJ's the right way round, smoothed out the creases and gracefully jogged to the finish line......... Go Kerry Go!

Ok, my post is short and sweet, Im working a late shift at the restaurant tonight - bucks bucks bucks, every bit helps! Looking forward to the weekend off though, yay - just going to chill with my babies and join friends for a braai at Silvermine on Sunday - yummy.

One ice block or two?

Kezzie - ma - Pj racer

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cotton Wool

Today I realized that I really have been brought up in 'Cotton Wool'. So protected from the real world.

One of the young casual girls that works in the Restaurant's kitchen on weekends, was beaten up by a gang of girls AT school this morning. She's a really quiet, well behaved girl who doesn't cause trouble with anyone. Apparently she has been bullied at school this year by one girl in particular, just for the 'fun' of it. She came running into the restaurant to call her Aunty and as I saw her standing in the kitchen in her immaculate school uniform with tears running down her cheeks, a split lip, a bruised back and chunks of her hair had been pulled out, my heart just broke for her. When we questioned why she is being bullied, the kitchen ladies simply answered: " Thats life, we are so used to it. " Flip man! The headmaster and cops didnt really want to hear her story and didnt want to really get involved. The cook said they are too scared to get involved with the gangs stories. They just accept it as part of life. But her dad did run into the school with a garden fork to find this evil girl, so tomorrow we may hear more. All this happening barely 5km from our homes.....

On a lighter note: I COOKED TODAY... No, you didnt read incorrectly. ME, KERRY ... COOKED. I made Hertzog cookies, Petit Fours (which look like &$^* but taste GREAT) and Scotch eggs.. Ok, BAKED is probably a better word than cooked. Baking up a Storm people...

Niamh just phoned me to ask whats for dinner? Ha Ha, like I'm really going home to cook now?? Forget it babes, takeaways tonight....

Till tomorrow - hopefully I will have a happy story for you ;)

Kezzie - ma - baker xx

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So... I've just come back from my 'salsa' dance class.... it is SO much fun. SO much fun. It makes you realize just how unfit you are when you gotta get those hips shakin'... :)

Me & Meg (fabulous sister) decided to try and dance together tonight, Wow, I haven't laughed so hard in a long long time. You see, we are taught the 'girls' part of the Ramba/Salsa/Mambo etc, so dancing TOGETHER poses a new question: " WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE THE GUY??" Eventually, we were arguing so much over who the guy was and sending the dance instructor flying across the studio, that we actually physically could not dance another step due to us p*#&ing ourselves laughing. But its ok, because the tummy muscles got an extra workout from that too :)

So, this is us:

I mean, its obvious MEG is the guy!! ha ha - i know you'll get me for this tomorrow :) Even though we both won't be able to walk...

After class last week, I kept bumping into the girls who had been at salsa the night before, and we were all shuffling around like old ladies because our muscles had seized - ha ha.. We'll get there eventually girls ;)

Ok, off to bed, flippin tired after all that action.. One, two, three, five, six, seven.... One, two, three, five, six, seven.... One, two, three, five, six, seven.... (Now you've all learnt something new - there is no FOUR in salsa, can get quite confusing, Meg kept asking: "Where's the FOUR? I cant find the FOUR!?" Ha, she's so funny. )

Oh, also, you are all commenting on my blog via email, but not on the blog... so it TOTALLY looks like I have no friends. So if you could all comment on the BLOG itself, that would be great, because then it looks like I actually do have friends.

Love u guys,



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We love you Miss Hannigan

I thought i published this yesterday - ooppss... still learning... this is yesterdays post:

Today I feel like Miss Hannigan - the old hag from the orphanage in the movie 'Annie', except No, I am not drunk. I have been singing this song all day:

Little girls Little girls Everywhere I turn I can see them,

Little girls, Little girls

Some women are dripping with diamonds

Some women are dripping with pearls

Lucky me! Lucky me!

Look at what I'm dripping with

Little girls

ok, i've only been singing those two paragraphs, i just read the 'real' words to the rest of the song - its actually not very nice, i'd probably be reported to social services if i admitted to singing those parts. stuff like, "someday i'll step on their freckles, wring their necks" wow - im not that bad. The little cherubs are busy tickling each other to see who can make the other one cry first - aaah, sisterly love.

I have to go out for supper now, so my post is short and sweet..

only 10 more sleeps until my weekend away!! woo--hooo!!


Kez x

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Name of the Game

So, some have questioned the name of my blog : LoveBumps.. :) its cute hey? Its pretty simple, LoveBumps is a better word for Goose Bumps / Goose flesh, because neither of those 2 words are particularly sexy now are they?? Thats what life should be about, those 'LoveBump' moments. Like when your precious sprog stands up in their school concert to sing their little hearts out, and you go all warm and fuzzy - Lovebumps. (Kitty Kat, are you feeling warm & fuzzy reading this? ha ha) Or when you get some good news and you are genuinely happy and excited - LoveBumps! ok ok, enough of the mush.. the aim of me telling you all my crap is just to basically let you know that Im still alive, even though I've been so bad at keeping in touch.

Also, I have been questioned on why I am always singing my heart out while I'm driving - ha ha - here's a pic of me in case you missed it.

ha ha - i wish i was so talented. Ok, I'm off for now, will write something 'juicy' tomorrow to keep you all gripping the edges of your seats. Ha hahahahahah - oh this is so much fun.

Ciao for now,

Kezzie ma tezi x

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to Blogging

So, I thought I would shock you all my faithful friends, and start a 'Blog' of my own. Yes, I am known to be the WORST person to keep in touch via email / sms, so if I put it all in here, you can all update yourselves on my life in one shot :) Welcome to Blogging!

My mom & I have always said we should 'write a book' on the things that have happened in our lives over the years, so hopefully this will be the start of a best-selling novel on simply: Life, As we know it.

Today I have waitressed in the family restaurant. Yes, me, serving customers... you can all stop laughing now. If I think about the jobs I have had in the last 6 years, I could cringe. I have done everything from selling fake photographs of tourists standing next to Mandela, to helping moms less fortunate while birthing their babies, Hell, I have even been a taxi driver. The joys of being a young mom of 3!!

Back to the waitressing bit... this must seriously be one of the most underpaid, undervalued jobs in the world. If ONE just ONE more person asks me for a glass of water I may just collapse with hysteria. Today, I even had one guy make me take the free water back because it had two ice blocks in it, when he only asked for one block.... that guy, NEARLY got a mouthful of my wrath. But, I smiled sweetly, scooped out the extra block and plodded back across the floor to hand him his free water with a very polite "Im very sorry about that Sir, could I get you anything else?" Yes, I can be nice.

I came home, exhausted, at 6 o'clock to find a quiet, tidy house (shock, horror after leaving husband and children in charge all day) , dragged myself into the shower and decided to start a blog... this must be the best way to get rid of all frustrations. BLOG IT OUT! Shane called me to say he took the kids to friends to swim for the afternoon, and they are braaing. He has wrapped me up a plate of food, and promised to keep the kids out of my hair for another hour so I can 'breathe'. Oh yay.

Till tomorrow - my fellow bloggers, Im WAY cool now :)
Kez x