Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Listen to this man

Because SOMETIMES he actually makes sense - i'm too tired to give you an example right now, but I will follow up, promise.
The 'L' key and the fullstop key are not working on my laptop so this has taken me like 20 minutes to write..
Long weekend - yay!! Just chilling at home tomorrow, kids have got plans in the afternoon and Shane is on safari. Friday we are off to Betty's Bay with Dazel n Hale for 2 nights, cant wait. SO need to get away for a bit.
Will type more tomorrow - I'm tired.
me xxx

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

31 things on my list

After my post yesterday about racing the poor old lady to the checkout, I received 2 international 'concerned' phonecalls - Kerry - Are you ok?? Did you REALLY bash a granny out of the way AND jump over a cornflakes box? ha ha...

So, today i had 31 things on my TO DO list... I ticked off.......... 2. Bad hey? I tried, really I did, but I just had one of those days. And a ridiculously bad hair day for the record, this wind is not being helping me with this.

Did I mention my friend 'Snog-A-Bron' (Bronnie) is pregnant?? She is so stoked, 5 weeks along and already waddling - bless her heart.

I also heard today that an old friend of mine got married on Friday in a black dress - Tammy, we knew you'd come up with something wacky ;)

Ok, I'm off to braai - I thought there would be load shedding today so I bought braai stuff but they didnt turn the lekkie off due to the holidays this week. TIA! Oh hang on, just got a phonecall from Kat, she needs me to take a volunteer to Cape-Town, so here I go.

Keep Smiling


me xxx

Monday, April 28, 2008


So today I am writing about pretty ARB stuff, because thats how I'm feeling - disorganized (or is it unorganized?)

Anyways, this morning, my friend Ann & I started off the day on a good note, we went for a brisk walk on Fish-Hoek Beach, followed by brekkie & tea at the Bistro - yum, the best part about having a walk first, you dont feel half as guilty. Then I popped in to help mom at the restaurant for 2 hours before I was called to collect the sprogs from Somerset Mall. I received a frantic call from my mom in law to say : " Niamh has just vomited the WHOLE way over Sir Lowry's Pass, BRING ME CLOTHES" - glad it wasn't me she puked on, I can do anything, guts, blood, pus, you name it, I'm not squeamish, but DONT, i repeat DO NOT vomit on me or near me - I'm sorry, I can't help you. I think a few of you know how serious I am on this matter...

Today I cut in front of an old granny in the supermarket so I could get to the till first. It was like a mad dash to the finish line. I saw her approaching from Aisle 7 and my eyes met her gaze.. " You'll never make it granny" I was saying in my head, and I saw the look of fiery competition in her eyes.. I hurdled over a basket trolley and a cornflakes box and made a victorious win to the finish line to the slow tune of Chariots of Fire.. And i felt bad... erm, No, I didnt. I saw the look of defeat and anger in her eyes under her blue rinse hair, and watched as she slammed her groceries onto the belt thingy behind me. I shot her a dazzling smile, flicked my hair over my shoulder, looking VERY cool.... and promptly tripped over a cable, landing on all fours, in the middle of the public holiday shoppers, looking VERY uncool. Oh joy. Just shows what you get for being competitive..

Ann then shipped me off to hellish Somerset Mall in her new larni 4x4, it only cost us about R 500 in petrol in that gas guzzler.. :) NEVER hit Somerset Mall on a public holiday, what a mistake.. it was jam jam packed. I whisked the kiddies out of there, and we shot back home. Off course we got lost in Khayelitsha on the way back.. 2 women and 5 little girls in a brand new 4 x 4.. not a good idea. But good old Ann used her Jo'burg driving skills and sped us out of danger.

Ok, I must go make lunches for school tomorrow. This week is so stupid, we only have 2 work/school days and 5 days of holiday. The kids may as well stay at home, but I have to help with transfers tomorrow AND work at the restaurant from 8am, as Shane is out all day, so best send the offspring to school for the morning.

Okey Dokey, Sleep tight
Keep Smiling
mwah xxx

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sooo.. we are 'kidless' for 48 hours... yip! Last night the kids decided they wanted to sleep at Granny in Hermanus, so we seized the opportunity, rang them up and met them halfway - fan-ta-bu-lous.. They've gone until tomorrow afternoon when I will have to drive and pick them up, but its ok, I can give my car a spin on the open road :) yay!

Of course we slept LATE (anything past 6am in this house is considered late) I think we managed until 8am and then I was bored. Then we proceeded to spend the day with loads of kids! ha ha - we had a really nice day, we stuffed down a picnic at Kirstenbosch with Hazel n Dale and then we met up with them & Lou at the Barnyard in Tokai for Tea & Scones. All in all, a relaxing day and I did not have to wipe ONE bum or snot nose - a miracle! But I do miss the little sprogs... really, I do.. The house is SO quiet and usually my house is BUZZING. We always have a dance going on in one corner, 4 or 5 of the neighbours kids running through, something being made in the kitchen, a movie on, the radio blaring with the kids singing along at the tops of their voices, the phone ringing, and me screaming above it all to try and retain order. Ha ha, sounds chaotic but I love it really...

On Saturday morning I decided to brave the mall for an hour with the girls - not something I usually do alone because I am PARANOID about one of them going missing. I have one problem with pushing a pram around the mall... you mums-to-be, LISTEN UP and BE WARNED: When people see a pram approaching they MAKE A BEE-LINE FOR YOU - I mean, what is wrong with these people?? They're walking along, they see a pram and think, Right, Let me p*ss this already stressed out mother off a bit more. I know, I'll try and walk SMACK bang into her pram, causing her to swerve out of the way, catapult the kids out of the pram, and THEN I'll look at her & huff and puff as if its her fault.. ha, great plan.

Well, let me tell all you pram stalkers something, the NEXT person that bullies my pram is going to get such an ankle bashing with my pram brakes they wont know what hit them. I don't care if I become known as the pram-ankle-bashing crazy mother of the valley, I have HAD it.

So thats my say... Shane is off to the airport now, surprise surprise, so I think I'll take advantage of my alone time and go and catch a movie at the cinema - oh joy.

Keep Smiling & watch out for my pram ;)
Kezzie-ma-ankle basher

Friday, April 25, 2008

I have found my match!

Sooo, I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but watching THIS woman is like watching me on a TV show...

Lynette - my match. Its scary.... Her husband is always away on business, she wants to be at home with the kids but her career tugs on her heartstrings at times, her kids are WILD, i mean, the first episode where she walks into the swimming pool in her stilettos to drag her 3 screaming kids out is SO me. Her car is constantly covered in popcorn, SHE is constantly covered in baby food, her house is ALWAYS a mess - even though she tries to keep it under control, and as for her trips to the supermarket - CLASSIC. She is ME all rolled up into a blonde. Lynette, I love you.

Its so weird how you can actually pick out which characters your friends are like, just amongst my closest buddies, I can choose exactly which Desperate Housewife they are. ;) Some could take offense though, so I wont mention names here - ha ha

Moving on. Sister Meg pops round last night to tell me about Taide's 'imaginary friend' called.... SHANAH. She's not sure if he has an obsession with Shan or whether it seriously is an imaginary friend.

Every night she has to dish up an extra plate of food for 'DANNA' . Then he sits at the table and feeds Danna first. When they go to bed, he tells Meg to MOVE UP FOR DANNA, and everyone has to roll up for her. When he rides his quad bike in the garden he screams: 'HOLD ON DANNA!! ' HOW precious is that?? I watched a pretty sick movie about imaginary friends last week called Opal Dream, and this little girl had 2 imaginary friends and they DIED. Jeepers, some movie writing people are so bored and warped.

We went to Moyo for dinner last night, it was so cool. The African vibe, dancers and music give me the chills every time, so cool.

This morning we are off to a friend for tea, and were supposed to be going to Hermanus this avie, but might postpone that for next weekend when we can spend more time there.

Ok, have a gorgeous long weekend,

Keep Smiling

Mwah xxx

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm all alone..

So, I'm all alone this evening, Shane has taken the girls to the volunteer braai until about nine, and I am already BORED.... I'm supposed to be maybe meeting Hazel for nachos and wine but I'm not sure if we confirmed it or not?

I'm so sad, I'm looking at my cellphone and saying: "Ring, Dam you, Ring". I mean there are like a ga-zillion 'mom' things I could do like repack the kitchen cupboards, finish the boring filing, make my bed (oops), bring the washing in, blah blah blah, but I'm boring myself to sleep just thinking about it. I took out a Desperate Housewives DVD to watch, so maybe I should just have my own soppy party on my own. I cant believe I'm so pathetic! Jeepers, no, I have to get a grip. I'm going for a spin in my new car (lovin' it) to have a think.

By the way the 'Thats life' post was posted this morning but I'm still set to American time so it says Tuesday - so weird, I know.

Mwah xxx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's Life

Life is:"Leaving the house in the morning, dressed in clothes that you bought on credit for work, driving through the traffic in a car that you are still paying for, putting in petrol that you cannot afford, in order to get to the job that you hate but need so badly so that you can pay for the clothes,car, petrol and the house that you leave empty the whole day, in order to live in it"

Just received that passage from Lana - how true is That? Yip we are all lemmings...

I just realized I don't have a decent photo of friend Mandy on here, and I'll probably be reminded of that very soon... :) so here's my awesome friend.... I know you'll probably email me a better piccie - ha ha

Claudine darlin! ok will answer your How do i comment question, and then i will reply to your email i pwomise.


Click on the words 'Posted by Kerry at 10:49 PM 0 comments ' just at the bottom of the post that you want to comment on, and follow the instructions. Its really quick and easy. You can post anonymously if you want and I will never know who you are, so ya'll can slag me off - ha ha.

Ok, I'm off for my walk on the beach, going to be thin and gorgeous dammit.




Milking it...

Ok, so I know I’m seriously milking it about my toe… BUT the damn bee sting wasn’t out properly and on Sunday morning my toe swelled to the size of my head. It was so itchy I wanted to cut my foot off. So I had to pull the rest of the sting out and it HURT. Ok, drama princess session over…

I TOTALLY GOT MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so so so awesome… and it has aircon, power steering and a fabulous sound system. Ok, I don’t actually have petrol to PUT in the car, but hey at least there’s a car on the driveway.

I will take a piccie of me in it this week and post it, I’m so so excited, so if you need a lift like anywhere - phone me. Oh, and BRING PETROL.

Just received an email from mands with old pictures attached that my fab friend Claudine has been scanning, here goes!

Me, Niamh & Tayla - wow this feels like years ago - was this the day you were wearing the see through dress friend?

Me & Claud, ag you so pretty friend - i dont remember this photo AT all, so I cant tell you where we were or why...?

Mandy Moo - my precious friend, holding Shanah - isnt she just the cutest thing ever? Mandy of course.................... :)

Ok, will write something interesting soon. I just remembered its load shedding today so going to quickly make dinner as we have Kristen coming for supper – she leaves on Sunday and we’ll be so sad to see her go. Love you gal.

Keep smiling
Me xxx

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cooking for 20!

That’s what I’m up to on this Sunday afternoon – supposedly a ‘day of rest’… ha ha, not in my house. Shane is on a wine tour and we offered to cook Bobotie for the volunteers tonight. Its like the best bobotie in the world – thanks to DT for the awesome recipe, you can find it at: yummy… ooh, im supposed to make sticky toffee (malva) pudding as well, just when I thought I had 5 mins to sit down. No rest for the wicked.

Last night, I was lounging away in the bath with the kids, when I heard a huge rap-rap-rap on the front door. Not expecting anyone, I still raced down the stairs dripping wet in my towel, peeped thru the window – ok, its Shane cool. Whip the front door open to let him in, and guess what…………..? He had brought Nine clients home with him… Oh Joy. So I’m standing there soaking wet in my not so sexy towel and there are nine people cheering me on to come outside. Shane is like: “Oh, we came to fetch you for dinner babes”. OK……..

We ended up at Monkey Valley for supper, me and all four kids (neighbours daughter too) tagging along. It was lots of fun though and we ended up being the noisiest table in the restaurant – I don’t think the other patrons were TOO impressed.. Ha ha, but by that point of the day, I really didn’t care, as long as someone else was entertaining the kids – cool by me.

One of my neighbours just swore at Tayla really hectically because she said she was riding her bicycle in the road. My kids are pretty road safe because we ride a lot and one of the teenagers outside said she was sticking to the side of the road, we live in a quiet cul-de-sac for goodness sake. This woman had 3 small kids on the back seat and rolled her window down to SCREAM at Tayla, I could hear her from my front door.. Tayla comes inside and says: “Wow mom, that lady is really pretty and I like her kids and I even like her dress, but she just screamed the F word at me.” So of course I am on ‘Mothers Instinct’ alert and am ready to slash the cows tyres when she comes home.

Ok, going to save my rice, before I burn it, which I usually do.

Ciao for now
Me xxx

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Testing - Photo of Jack

Just testing this code thingy to see if the photo of my gorgeous nephew Jack comes up, so bear with me!

yay!! it works!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Damsel in Distress

My car broke down yesterday and I really was a classic damsel in distress.

So, I’m literally stuck out in the Sticks at the farm where Niamh goes horse riding, and there is not ONE soul around to help me, and I have water gushing out the radiator. Yip, the same radiator we had replaced only two weeks ago. I phoned Shane with my one bar of battery life and one bar of signal that I had, and he says:

“ok, find warm water, a container with a lid and 2 flat screwdrivers”

Me: “Ok………. Erm, did you even hear me? I’m on a FARM with NO-one around, WHERE exactly would you like me to find warm water & TWO screwdrivers”

Shane: (totally ignoring me) “Ok, so you have to get in the boot, then take the two screwdrivers and take the blue cap off the water bottle with the black pipe coming out of the lid, NOT the other water bottle, then get a sh*tload of warm water and pour it in until its full…wa wa wa wa”

Me: “Ok……..Erm, clearly you are not hearing me, I DON’T have those things. Whats the backup plan?”

Shane: “ There IS no backup plan, I cant find anyone that can help you right now and I’m stuck in Cape-Town”

Me: “ don’t bother” slam the phone down

Eventually after like an hour, the stable master helped me out of the goodness of his heart and I freewheeled over the mountain to the mechanic. BUT NO-one told me that when you freewheel your brakes don’t work so I practically caused a five car pile up at the intersection and one guy even swore at me, he NEARLY got a mouthful of my wrath. I eventually get to the petrol station where the mechanic works, jump out the car and by now all the kids are screaming and I’m kicking the car and cursing it with all my might like a mental woman. Monray took one look at me and says : Kerry, step out of the VE- HHIKLE and hand me the keys……

It turns out it was a faulty tube thingy on the radiator so I had to fart around the supermarket for an hour while they fixed it.

Life Lesson # 85: LEARN how to fix a car on your own

Wacky Race Day was postponed due to the fact that it is CHUCKING down with rain….Shane is off on tour the whole weekend, so me and the girls are pretty much stuck indoors. Unless I go to Hermanus, if I find the energy to drive there. I think we’ll have to get creative otherwise the kids are going to go nuts. Pancakes, arty farty stuff, and we may even venture as far as clearing out the playroom. Supposed to be off to another 80’s party tonight , Meg is going to wear her Barney suit there instead now, so should be classic.

Have a fun-tastic day,
Me xxx

Never underestimate your kids!

We have recently had a few sessions with the primary schools child play therapist. One of the ‘homework’ requirements for Shane & I is to spend one-on-one time with EACH child to limit the pretty hectic sibling rivalry we have going on in our house. One-on-One time with three kids sounds easier than it actually is and takes some major time organization skills to figure it out, BUT we have come up with a plan.

So, yesterday I sat them down and explained how it works etc etc. Each child gets one special thing to do with me once a week and one special thing to do with Dad once a week. All alone, NO sisters involved. By this part of the conversation they were getting REALLY excited :) So, I was bracing myself for the pretty unrealistic idea’s that were probably about to spill from their lips. You know kids: “ erm, I think I would like to go to Ratanga Junction once a week, and a new pair of rollerblades, and an aeroplane ride … and and and” Well, I was absolutely shocked and SO proud of them, here’s their list, with no help from me:


Time with Dad: Movie & a milkshake on Tuesday
Time with Mom: Bake a gooey Chocolate Cake


Time with Dad: A picnic and 4 runs around the sports field
Time with Mom: Tea @ the Farm Village


shame, she doesn’t even understand, so was shouting out ITH- PEEEEM! (ice-cream) BUMPING TASTLE! (jumping castle) FWEETIES! (sweeties) and even BERY HOPTER! (helicopter – ok, that’s a bit OTT darlin )

So, Shanah will probably go with a run down the beach and an ice cream at Macky D’s.

Cute hey? I wish my camera was working so I can show you their list, they wrote it all down in their bestest (me word) handwriting and stuck it on the fridge. So precious.

Today I am just catching up on filing – blech! and booking safari’s, skydives, wine tours etc, we are busy busy all of a sudden with the volunteers, which is great for us, especially as we are heading into winter season – yay!

Tomorrow is WACKY RACE DAY for Tayla & Shanah’s school on the Fish-Hoek Sports fields. I have to run the moms race, we have to do the Monty Python walk – good grief.. The dads have to run back wards :) Sister Meg has hired a full on Barney costume and is going as Barney – ha ha, her poor son will never live it down. “Hey, Aren’t you that kid whose mum went to sports day as Barney?” She’s so cute. Classic photo opportunity, so will post piccies over the weekend.

I’m hoping to go to Hermanus for the day on Sunday, as Shane is on tour all weekend – surprise surprise! So will try and convince my fabulous father-in-law to cook me a roast dinner – yummy.

Have an awesome weekend,
Me xxx

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The miracle of life

Sorreeeee.. I know, I've been quiet for 2 days. My instinct was correct, my client went into labour in the early hours of yesterday morning and I witnessed yet another awesome birth :)

By the time I arrived, she had just had an epidural put up, so was sounding much happier than she was on the phone ;) She had a relatively short labour for a first time mum ( around 11 hours ) and coped beautifully. Her hubby was so emotional when the baby was born and sat talking to his precious little boy for over an hour after birth - too cute for words.

The shop launch went off well - I made it just in time, and then I came home to crash - but no sirrreeee - I forgot we had to go off to the volunteer braai, AND Shane was running late on tour, so Kitty started the braai. It would have been SO much easier to light if I hadn' t bought KINDLING - ha ha, but you must understand, I was in a sleep deprived state... The braai was lekker, and at 11 o'clock I literally did come home and CRASH.

This morning I worked at the farm and hunted for a leaving present for a volunteer. She is absolutely terrified of flying, but she took the 'plunge' literally and went sky diving with Shane while she was here. We are so proud of you Jen! I was looking for a symbolic, light prezzie, like an African painted aeroplane, but you simply CANNOT find one in this neck of the woods. So, I just wrote her a letter and made it into a paper jet - ha ha.

So, we are off to Cape 2 Cuba for her leaving dinner, and the girls are staying with a babysitter, much to their disgust. Strawberry daquiri's here I come...

Ciao for now,
me xxx

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Thats how I'm feeling today - fuzzy...

My day started with a brisk walk with my Dad on Fish-Hoek Beach, followed by 2 mugs of steaming hot, strong filter coffee, to enable me to get through our very serious but necessary conversation... I proceeded to spend the rest of the day shaking from the caffeine overload. Oh, and I forgot to eat today, thats how busy I was - oh no, I did munch a carrot at two o'clock. Yip, I'm such a carrot cruncher now.

Tomorrow I am attending the Bumps n Daisies shop opening - yay! I have been hectically getting all of my stock together, and Mands took some stunning pics of the Nappy Cakes :

No... you cant EAT them... they are made up of rolled up disposable nappies and filled with all sorts of fabulous gifts for mom & baby. So now I've done my advertising shpeel... all rush out and buy one ! :)

I have a mom due today, so I am doing all my doula-ish things, charging my cellphone, packing my doula bag, refreshing my mind on all of the medical terminology I may need to know, packing kids lunches, organizing backup mums to pick up my sprogs from school - that sort of thing... All fun though, and I'm really looking forward to a good birth, my last one was pretty much a nightmare.. :)

Ok, must get some sleep in case I don't get to sleep for 2 days - Lana, you know how I feel..

Has anyone tried the Impossible Quiz? Thanks to Kat for getting me addicted :)

Sleep tight, Keep Smiling


Kez xxx

Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So, the kids are back at school today... At precisely 8:05 am this morning I heard a communal sigh of relief from all mothers in the valley... Haha, we love the little darlings, but it is SO nice to get some peace... :)

We've had a pretty hectic few days, so here goes!

On Thursday Shane's granny passed away after a long battle with cancer, her funeral was held on Saturday, so we just had a quiet day at home after the service as Shane wasn't feeling so lekker. Oh no, we did go for lunch with Mandy and Quin afterwards and then Mandy took photo's of my stock, as I am updating my website. Yay! at last... will keep you all posted on it.

Yesterday, Shane's folks were here for the day, so we spent most of the day EATING, drinking tea, EATING and chatting about life in general, it was relaxing, and we managed to just chill before the craziness of the week begun..:)

I've started my walking again, so yesterday I walked the length of the beach and back while Shane swam with the kids. Kerry? Walk? I know, THIS from a girl that DRIVES from one side of the mall to the other. Laziness supreme. I actually enjoy walking though - shock,horror. Just NOT fast - the Noordhoek Athletics Club can tell you just how crap I am, but that is a story for another day.

So, back to yesterdays walk... I was walking ( briskly I might add ) along the sand, singing away to my ipod (totally forgetting all the other beach walkers could hear me, but who cares ) I was chilled, relaxed and reflecting on the weeks events. As i reached the FAAARR end of the beach a wave came in and brought along with it... TEN MILLION BEES. Here i am, still SINGING away, like I haven't got a care in the world, and I stepped right in the middle of the dam bee infestation. Only one of the little buggers got me right underneath my toe - like EINA EINA EINA. I collapse into the waves ( like the drama princess i am ), pull out the little cretin with all my might and begin... to... PANIC. i am at the other side of the beach, with no cellphone, no body and now .. no toe..

I'm now saying aloud: PULL yourself together Kerry, its only a bee sting, you can do this. I turn around and begin the long walk back to the car. By now the fellow happy beach walkers think I am totally insane - who is this weird chick? first singing her lungs out, then collapsing into the waves and now talking to herself ( loudly ) the whole way down the beach. I was seriously getting the : " Shame Lovey, never mind, there is nerve medication for this you know " looks. So, I'm trudging down the beach, and the pain is kicking in, big time. I am now requesting to myself ALOUD that a HELICOPTER airlift me outta there and the tears are beginning to spill. FOCUS Kerry. So, I focus on the mountain in front of me - NOT HELPING. You know when you're desperate to get somewhere so you focus on the mountain and the mountain keeps moving further away from you??? That was SO happening.

Eventually the car comes into sight and by this stage I am TOTALLY convinced that I am allergic to bees and that I can actually feel my thighs tingling and my throat swelling, and that I'm going to end up looking like this:

I run ( well hop ) all the way to the car, and Shane says: " So, how was your walk? " GET ME TO THE PHARMACY...

By the time I got home I was feeling fine, I didnt even need the medication and I still went off and did a transfer... ha ha, it beat standing cooking supper.

Ok, I really am busy busy busy, so I should go... I am being extremely practical, I have a very practical friend that taught me to be practical, and now I can't help it... So, i should stay in my practical mood for as long as I can. Thanks Rufus.

Have a gorgeous week,


me xxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mothers Wisdom

Today I heard the best piece of advice from a mom:

"Just love them.."

When you're having one of those pull your hair out, stop the world I want to get off days, Just Love Them.

How can you resist this adorable face?

Ok, I'm off to my budding midwives potluck dinner! I actually COOKED. I know, dont all fall off your chairs now. Its quite impressive actually. Roasted butternut stuffed with couscous, garlic, bacon, pumpkin seeds and feta. Yummy...

Update tomorrow!

Feel the love peeps....




Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When days are dark

Friends Renew :)

I seriously have like the best friends in the world…. There’s nothing like a friend to put you back on your feet. Over the last week my friends have just been like, extra fabulous ;)

One friend left her dinner date with her hubby to come and console me when I was crying outside her front door, this same friend then took me and the girls for breakfast on Saturday, encouraged me to keep smiling, cleaned up my kitchen, unpacked and repacked my dishwasher, hell she even washed my pots by hand. Mandy Moo, I love you….

Another friend, pretty kitty, made me laugh until my tummy hurt…
Here’s the story:

So, we have a Canadian friend called Matt who has been visiting Cpt for a week. He invited us to dinner on Sunday night – a non kid, grown up, eat on the patio overlooking the sea dinner – we don’t get too many of those…
Anyways, he was staying in this luxury rented apartment, with cool stuff in it, so of course I was trying to see exactly how much stuff I could take home in my handbag. (Those of you that know me well, know that I always carry a handbag like a Mary Poppins Bag) So, I decided to fall in love with Matt’s carpet – yes, yes, I fall in love very easily – so Kat & I decided I could possibly fit this 3.2m x 2.5m carpet in my handbag, NO-one would even know it was missing. After much folding and flapping and giggling hysterically we actually managed to fit the carpet in my handbag … A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I was a good law-abiding citizen though and did return the carpet before you all turn me in to the cops…

Ok, so I’m actually sitting at the airport typing this up. I’ve just dropped off Matt who is on his way to Jo’burg, Spain, Milan, Canada, Munich & finally Japan – ah the life of the single man. My travel itinerary today is as follows:

Sun Valley
Sun Valley

I know… you’re all DEAD jealous.

The past week I have been hiding, but only due to the fact that I am trying to buy stock, make up Nappy Cakes and look after the kiddie winkles. Hopefully things will calm down a little when the kids start back at school on Monday.

I also drank some really yummy wine this week.. according to the label it tastes like : freshly cut grass with green figs and green peppers up your nose. Weird but true, and yummy. Ludtsville I think – rush out and buy some. AND it comes in a bottle not a papsak – ya’ll. Ok, it’s a screw top but I’m getting there – slowly……….

Tomorrow I’m off to a ‘Budding Midwives’ meeting to discuss the options of distance learning for Independent Midwives, so excited.

Don’t forget to do my quiz on the right hand side… HOW MANY 5 YEAR OLDS CAN YOU TAKE ON IN A FIGHT?? I only managed 9…..

And, HOW MUCH IS YOUR DEAD BODY WORTH? I got $ 4225. I’m worth more dead than alive then.

Before i go, here are some piccies of us:

Niamh, Tayze & Logan having fun at the Farm Village

All the kids at Cafe Roux - Greased Lightning pose!
Ok peeps, Keep Smiling

Mwah xxx

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm thinking...


Who's coming with me?