Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sooo.. we are 'kidless' for 48 hours... yip! Last night the kids decided they wanted to sleep at Granny in Hermanus, so we seized the opportunity, rang them up and met them halfway - fan-ta-bu-lous.. They've gone until tomorrow afternoon when I will have to drive and pick them up, but its ok, I can give my car a spin on the open road :) yay!

Of course we slept LATE (anything past 6am in this house is considered late) I think we managed until 8am and then I was bored. Then we proceeded to spend the day with loads of kids! ha ha - we had a really nice day, we stuffed down a picnic at Kirstenbosch with Hazel n Dale and then we met up with them & Lou at the Barnyard in Tokai for Tea & Scones. All in all, a relaxing day and I did not have to wipe ONE bum or snot nose - a miracle! But I do miss the little sprogs... really, I do.. The house is SO quiet and usually my house is BUZZING. We always have a dance going on in one corner, 4 or 5 of the neighbours kids running through, something being made in the kitchen, a movie on, the radio blaring with the kids singing along at the tops of their voices, the phone ringing, and me screaming above it all to try and retain order. Ha ha, sounds chaotic but I love it really...

On Saturday morning I decided to brave the mall for an hour with the girls - not something I usually do alone because I am PARANOID about one of them going missing. I have one problem with pushing a pram around the mall... you mums-to-be, LISTEN UP and BE WARNED: When people see a pram approaching they MAKE A BEE-LINE FOR YOU - I mean, what is wrong with these people?? They're walking along, they see a pram and think, Right, Let me p*ss this already stressed out mother off a bit more. I know, I'll try and walk SMACK bang into her pram, causing her to swerve out of the way, catapult the kids out of the pram, and THEN I'll look at her & huff and puff as if its her fault.. ha, great plan.

Well, let me tell all you pram stalkers something, the NEXT person that bullies my pram is going to get such an ankle bashing with my pram brakes they wont know what hit them. I don't care if I become known as the pram-ankle-bashing crazy mother of the valley, I have HAD it.

So thats my say... Shane is off to the airport now, surprise surprise, so I think I'll take advantage of my alone time and go and catch a movie at the cinema - oh joy.

Keep Smiling & watch out for my pram ;)
Kezzie-ma-ankle basher

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