Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Milking it...

Ok, so I know I’m seriously milking it about my toe… BUT the damn bee sting wasn’t out properly and on Sunday morning my toe swelled to the size of my head. It was so itchy I wanted to cut my foot off. So I had to pull the rest of the sting out and it HURT. Ok, drama princess session over…

I TOTALLY GOT MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so so so awesome… and it has aircon, power steering and a fabulous sound system. Ok, I don’t actually have petrol to PUT in the car, but hey at least there’s a car on the driveway.

I will take a piccie of me in it this week and post it, I’m so so excited, so if you need a lift like anywhere - phone me. Oh, and BRING PETROL.

Just received an email from mands with old pictures attached that my fab friend Claudine has been scanning, here goes!

Me, Niamh & Tayla - wow this feels like years ago - was this the day you were wearing the see through dress friend?

Me & Claud, ag you so pretty friend - i dont remember this photo AT all, so I cant tell you where we were or why...?

Mandy Moo - my precious friend, holding Shanah - isnt she just the cutest thing ever? Mandy of course.................... :)

Ok, will write something interesting soon. I just remembered its load shedding today so going to quickly make dinner as we have Kristen coming for supper – she leaves on Sunday and we’ll be so sad to see her go. Love you gal.

Keep smiling
Me xxx

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