Thursday, April 17, 2008

The miracle of life

Sorreeeee.. I know, I've been quiet for 2 days. My instinct was correct, my client went into labour in the early hours of yesterday morning and I witnessed yet another awesome birth :)

By the time I arrived, she had just had an epidural put up, so was sounding much happier than she was on the phone ;) She had a relatively short labour for a first time mum ( around 11 hours ) and coped beautifully. Her hubby was so emotional when the baby was born and sat talking to his precious little boy for over an hour after birth - too cute for words.

The shop launch went off well - I made it just in time, and then I came home to crash - but no sirrreeee - I forgot we had to go off to the volunteer braai, AND Shane was running late on tour, so Kitty started the braai. It would have been SO much easier to light if I hadn' t bought KINDLING - ha ha, but you must understand, I was in a sleep deprived state... The braai was lekker, and at 11 o'clock I literally did come home and CRASH.

This morning I worked at the farm and hunted for a leaving present for a volunteer. She is absolutely terrified of flying, but she took the 'plunge' literally and went sky diving with Shane while she was here. We are so proud of you Jen! I was looking for a symbolic, light prezzie, like an African painted aeroplane, but you simply CANNOT find one in this neck of the woods. So, I just wrote her a letter and made it into a paper jet - ha ha.

So, we are off to Cape 2 Cuba for her leaving dinner, and the girls are staying with a babysitter, much to their disgust. Strawberry daquiri's here I come...

Ciao for now,
me xxx

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