Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cooking for 20!

That’s what I’m up to on this Sunday afternoon – supposedly a ‘day of rest’… ha ha, not in my house. Shane is on a wine tour and we offered to cook Bobotie for the volunteers tonight. Its like the best bobotie in the world – thanks to DT for the awesome recipe, you can find it at: yummy… ooh, im supposed to make sticky toffee (malva) pudding as well, just when I thought I had 5 mins to sit down. No rest for the wicked.

Last night, I was lounging away in the bath with the kids, when I heard a huge rap-rap-rap on the front door. Not expecting anyone, I still raced down the stairs dripping wet in my towel, peeped thru the window – ok, its Shane cool. Whip the front door open to let him in, and guess what…………..? He had brought Nine clients home with him… Oh Joy. So I’m standing there soaking wet in my not so sexy towel and there are nine people cheering me on to come outside. Shane is like: “Oh, we came to fetch you for dinner babes”. OK……..

We ended up at Monkey Valley for supper, me and all four kids (neighbours daughter too) tagging along. It was lots of fun though and we ended up being the noisiest table in the restaurant – I don’t think the other patrons were TOO impressed.. Ha ha, but by that point of the day, I really didn’t care, as long as someone else was entertaining the kids – cool by me.

One of my neighbours just swore at Tayla really hectically because she said she was riding her bicycle in the road. My kids are pretty road safe because we ride a lot and one of the teenagers outside said she was sticking to the side of the road, we live in a quiet cul-de-sac for goodness sake. This woman had 3 small kids on the back seat and rolled her window down to SCREAM at Tayla, I could hear her from my front door.. Tayla comes inside and says: “Wow mom, that lady is really pretty and I like her kids and I even like her dress, but she just screamed the F word at me.” So of course I am on ‘Mothers Instinct’ alert and am ready to slash the cows tyres when she comes home.

Ok, going to save my rice, before I burn it, which I usually do.

Ciao for now
Me xxx

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