Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am a Free stuff addict, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I LOVE FREE STUFF… I stayed overnight at a Game Reserve recently with clients and the room was FILLED with free stuff. You know the crappy little shampoos, soaps, shower gels, hell – even the coffee sachets. I cannot get enough of them… I am a free stuff saddo.

Check out my stash:

Shampoo, Shower Gel, Body Lotions….

4 x gorgeous little triangle shaped parmalat milk sachets, which i forgot to take a photo of :(

3 x BabyBel Cheeses which I ‘borrowed’ from the breakfast buffet

( when I was nicking these, the girl next to me was shuving small plastic pots of marmalade into her coat pocket, so I didn’t feel too bad – I am not alone! )

Random coffee/tea/hot choc sachets…

Lovely Lindt Chocolate..

Ok, the chocolate was a gift from the hotel, but I did have those gorgeous, fluffy, elephant-shaped towels in my bag at one point – until my conscience got the better of me and I very honestly hung them back on the towel rail.

Before I leave the hotel room I sweep around like a human vacuum cleaner stashing everything into my big overnight bag, while looking over my shoulder for people on the lookout – like a guilty convict.

And its not just hotel rooms either… On Thursday I was in the Winelands on a tour and I bought a bottle of yummy port. As I was paying, Dave came over and said – “Hey, do you know you can get 3 bottles of that for the price of 2 on special over there in those boxes?” Well – that was it. I high-jumped over the barrels in the cellar and grabbed a box of 3 precious ports and bought those instead. Just because I knew I was getting one for free.

Magazines? Don’t even get me started – free lipstick, free bag, free animal print size 8 slippers, free stick-on tattoo’s – I don’t care what the magazine is or how much it costs – I HAVE to have it.

I think I’m worst at those exhibitions though. You know the ones – Women’s Expo, Baby Expo, Design Expo – as soon as they shuve that free paper carrier bag into my hand at the entrance there is NO stopping me. I run around every stall grabbing free sachets, samples and pretend to act interested in what the poor sales girl has to say – all so I can retrieve the free stuff from her…

And you know what ??? I don’t even use all this free stuff – most of it is all shuved in a drawer collecting dust – but that’s just not the point is it?


Keep Smiling,


Kez xxx