Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paper Rock Scissors?

Hmmm... Everything in our house runs on the concept of 'Paper, Rock, Scissors'
From who can watch their choice of DVD first, Whats for dinner, which bill are we paying, nookie, you name it, the decision is always based on : Paper, Rock, Scissors :)
Today I have been doing a lot of thinking. Just about life in general, and have made some decisions on the Paper, Rock, Scissors method, ha ha - Kerry's life, based on a piece of paper, a chunk of rock and a pair of rusty scissors. Scary.. By the way, how funny is the cartoon on top? ha ha, that made me giggle :) The caption says: " Well, this is kind of awkward? " hahahahahaha...
Apart from having a boring thinking day, I got my eyebrows waxed as they were growing into one eyebrow again, it hurt like HELL. But, Beauty is pain, Beauty is pain - thanks mom. Oh also I got told I'm fat today, so I went and grabbed a Shape Magazine from the Potchie Cafe, I'm telling you its going to be the best R 25.95 I have spent all year. Tomorrow I begin the 2 week, lose 5kg program - I will be thin and gorgeous dammit. Actually I have lost 5kg already in the last 3 months of hell, but 5kg to go - always the hardest...
Oh, also, Shane has a really bad habit of rolling his left nipple while talking to people (thanks Hazel..) and now he wants to go camping this weekend to Tieties Baai - how funny is THAT?? Sexy Babes... He will NEVER live this one down.
Did I mention I'm going camping this weekend? Mondays post should be a gem. A GEM.
Ok, I'm going now, I'm boring myself to sleep.
Oh, one more thing: PAPER? ROCK? SCISSORS?

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