Monday, March 17, 2008

Ow, Ow, Ow

Ow, Ow, Ow… when I (ow) type my (ow) fingers really hurt (ow).. Yes, dramatic I know… I have FLU, sore ear, sore throat, headache, fever.. I’m so sick of being sick. I HAVE to get better because I’m not missing the ‘Ugly Duckling’ play with Tayla’s school on Wednesday – no ssiiirreeee.

So, the 80’s party totally ROCKED… We stumbled home at two am, all danced out. It really was SO much fun. Here are a couple of photo’s, there are more to follow.

Me & Hazel - still loving that cap Hazel…

Dale – Hazels husband – he went as a DUTCHMAN – so funny, so so funny

Some of the gals..

for those of you that missed my post, we had to go: "As you were in the 80's", so I went as a baby, and Shane went as my older brother - ha ha, classic, he even had pink armbands on. Photo of THAT to follow :)

Ok, I am un blog inspired because my fingers really ache. I just KNOW one of my fabulous friends is going to pop round with Woolies chicken soup and fresh rolls ;)

I will write something fabulous tomorrow, maybe the camping story if I get the PHOTOS …. Hint hint.

Sniff, cough, splutter, ow, sneeze
Me xxx

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