Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love you blog!

Sorry!!! I know, my poor blog thinks I don't love it... I have had a hectic couple of days. Have been sick with flu, and my fabulous aunty and uncle arrived from the UK last night, so we have a pretty hectic 2 weeks ahead with them. Im so excited, I miss them SO much! Oh, and she brought me milk buttons so whats not to love ;)

Tonight we are off to an 80's party.... You have to dress, "As you were, in the 80's"

So, I'm going as a baby! Yip, nappy, bottle, dummy, and cute pj's and slippers. will take lots of pics to post here tomorrow. So excited. Shane is going as a surfer, coz thats all he did in the 80's - surf.

I have been brushing up on my 80's music this week, so I wont look like a total fart not knowing any of the songs. Ooh, I also bought the new NOW 48 cd yesterday, it totally ROCKS. We have been playing it full blast all week, dancing around the house - sad, but fun :) My new favourite song ( which of course i totally know all the words to ) is : Wont go home without you - Maroon 5. Its like the best song ever in the whole world.

Now i've given you all that totally useless piece of information, I will leave you in peace.

Oh hang on, you wanna know something really funny?!! Shane is PAINTING the interior of our house - PAINTING!!??!! It looks awesome, he can be so clever sometimes. So of course I'm hinting for a new TV cabinet and coffee table to match the walls ;) I think he's weakening.

Ok, ciao for now,
I promise the camping story is on its way - its really funny. Will post as soon as I get the PHOTO'S ( hint hint, Mandy Moo )

me xxxxx

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