Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kids, Kids, Kids!

So, we are one week into the school holidays, and the mums are beginning to look a little........ frazzled..

We had a 'Bored kids School Holiday' party at Megs house this morning, the kids had a blast. They caught tadpoles & frogs in the pond, had a pony ride, played pass the parcel, jumped on the trampoline, did a treasure hunt, ate sweets, junk, and more junk, and then Meg sprayed all the kids hair GREEN. Oh, and mine, so I'm sitting here with Green hair at the moment - SEXY I tell you.

I pulled the short straw, Meg decided to represent us both at work for the afternoon, and I am at home babysitting 6 kids.. They had a half hour fighting phase, but I have calmed them down again and they seem to be playing nicely.

Shanah came up to me just now and said in her martian little voice: " Mummy, Taide (her 2yr old cousin) POO on the floor. " I'm standing in the kitchen... blinking... fast. "What baby? Say it again" Shanah now shouts: " I SAID TAIDEY POO ON FLOOR!!"

Me: " Sh*t! " Literally.

I sheepishly dragged myself to the patio, well, it was like a scene out of a horror movie. There was Taide crying, sitting in his poo, and he had very kindly left 4 seperate logs of poo all over the patio, and a really big one that he was still sat in. At this exact moment, sister Meg phones: "So, hows my boy?!" Do you really want to know Meg??

I set the hosepipe on FULL blast, grabbed Taide, stuck him in the middle of the garden and SPRAYED his little BEhind. Me, gagging all the way. Then I picked up all the evidence, and powerblasted the patio. Well, I ended up powerblasting the lounge because I didnt realize I had left the sliding doors open. So I now have freshly painted WET walls, WET couches, and a nephew traumatized by one Helluva crap. Oh, aint life just peachy!!

Ok, I'm off to mop the kitchen floor, Shanah and Taide have just thrown their cups of juice at each other... TIME OUT!

Actually, I think I'm going to rather put myself in Time Out, its way more peaceful in there..

Thank Goodness I'm going to the Nags for pizza and wine tonight, girls night out, Yay! Flip, I better fix my green hair.

Kez xxx

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