Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gooosss FFrrraabbaaa

( An eskimo saying to calm their newborn children) - we use this saying OFTEN in our house.

So, I havent been blogging much the last week because I've been feeling really down. I think the stress of the last few months finally caught up with me this week, and my body just crashed, even though my mind is telling it not too! I'm still SICK, although better now I'm on the antibiotics and Shanah is much better, little poppet. Anyway, I didnt come hear to moan, rather to tell you about our weekend.

Saturday was possibly the most BORING day of my life. ( ok ok, only a little bit more moaning, I will cheer it up in a bit ) I was so bored. So so bored. And REALLY tired, and the house was a real sh*tpit, but I didnt give a damn. Come Sunday morning, I decided to scrape up the tiny bit of energy I woke up with and got myself up and dressed (wow), made the kids look pretty and we met Mom & Brian, Marg & Pete for breakfast at Cafe Roux at the Farm Village. mmmm - one sip of their fabulous cappuccino, a bite of their yummy breakfast croissant and I was feeling ten times better. Yay! Will definitely be making this a regular Sunday outing, it was so relaxing there, we sat right on the playground, the sun was shining, the coffee, food & company was good, what more could I ask for? HA, dont relax too soon Kerry... The kids decided it would be FABULOUS to spend their pocket money at the Muizenburg flea market after breakfast... WELL, we weren't halfway round the market (on Easter weekend - how mad am i ) and I was popping tranquilizers. I think I flew around 2 aisles and my mom took one look at my face and dragged us all outta there. Spent the rest of the afternoon chilling at the beach, so we ended on a high!

Yesterday Shane decided that I simply cannot sit around moping in my pj's anymore (after a slight nervous breakdown on Sunday night) and helped me clean up the house, scrubbed all the little cherubs clean, dressed them up and we went off for a drive around the Peninsula. Well, one look at the view from Misty Cliffs and who can retain their bad mood? No-one. Not even that b*tch from the Weakest Link could be mif if she saw that view. The girls were so chuffed they saw kite-surfers, and were sad to see the burnt down houses in Scarborough, they asked me to sort out all their clothes and toys they dont like to give to the 'fire people' - bless their little hearts.

So, we were driving along feeling pretty relaxed, the kids were actually having fun and not trying to kill each other and I saw something in the distance crawling across the road, right in front of our car..
So my mind is saying : " TORTOISE, STOP!!" and my mouth is saying: " Um, ta-ta-ta-um-tor-tor-tottie-tortie- TOAD!!" I can be SUCH an idiot sometimes. Thankfully Shane slammed on brakes and got out to save the tortoise from a really mushy death. Shanah was going hysterical by this point, she did NOT like this 'Toad' one bit.. So of course, what does Shane do ? Typical guy, he keeps shuving it in her face so she screams louder. "Look Shanah, Tortoise! Look!" Shanah: " WWWAAAAAHHH!!! I no like this toad mommy, Shanah no like this toad!" Aah, the joys.

Well, the road just got more animal-i-fied, I tell you, who needs a zoo when you can drive along the Cape Point Route? About 1km further on, we had to stop as a troop of baboons was blocking the road. Now it was Tayla's turn to go tarty. She is PETRIFIED of baboons. Shane of course thought this too was pretty funny and insisted on keeping his window rolled down while the monkeys jumped all over the bus. It was pretty cool though, I had a baboon sitting right on my window with this hand pressed up against mine ( ok we had double thick shatterproof glass seperating us, but it was still cool! ) Oh and of course the thing couldnt resist showing off its bright pink, curly winky to us, which the girls thought was absolutely revolting, and me and Shane thought was really funny - such pervs.

Then we stopped at the ostrich farm which the kids totally loved. I personally think ostriches are really boring, but they thought they were great, and Shanah was not scared at all, she even touched one, so brave.

After lunch at Spur ( how original, but so kid friendly ) we came home for a snooze and the kids had a friend over to play. We rented the first DVD of the series 'House' and now of course, we are totally hooked. Disc Two is already waiting for me on the TV cabinet for tonight!

Ok, I must go do some real work.. Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend, and I cant WAIT for this flippin wind to stop blowing so we can do some beach days.

Keep Smiling,
Kez xxx

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha - i use that word all the time!! How funny is the toad story? U crack me up!