Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I CAN Multi-Task

Multi-Tasking: is what moms do best!

So it is 18:19 pm and I have to be at moms for dinner in 41 minutes… Here I sit, typing up my blog, but no, I am not stressed! Shane has taken the kiddie-winkles to friends for quick swim to tire them out before Sian, my fabulous niece arrives to babysit for us tonight.

In the last hour I have:

· Had two telephone conversations
· Checked up my news feed on facebook
· Hit Send/Receive 12 times – I am waiting for a VERY important email – ha ha whatever!
· Tidied up the downstairs section of the house
· Wrapped up Pass the Parcel for Megs party tomorrow that Meg and I kind of forgot was TOMORROW! ( totally under control, we just hit the Crazy Store at full speed this morning – gotta love the crazy store! )
· Danced to 3 of my favourite songs – I LOVE my music at the moment
· Dressed myself
· Fed the cats
· Did a load of dishes
· Toasted and scoffed down a bran muffin, just in case moms supper is not ready, and I faint from starvation.
· Cooked Pizza for the kids/ Sian

Ok, the cooking pizza bit is not going so smoothly, its only been in 5 minutes and I’ve managed to set the oven on fire. No panic. I am a mother, I can cope.. I just swore, a lot, and pulled the offending piece of pizza that had dropped onto the element out, with BARE hands. Mighty Jane. Ok, Mighty Jane with burnt fingers now. Ow, it hurts.

I hate these Frescarini pizza’s. I bought them because I saw a friend chucking LOADS of them into his trolley, and they are YUMMY, for like 30 bucks a pizza, BUT it doesn’t tell you not to THAW them first. So, I left it out on the counter top like a domestic goddess for 20 minutes to THAW, and that’s where my problems began…

Cooking lesson #1:
When pizza thaws, it crumbles into a pathetic mess and comes out of one’s oven looking like this:

So, yip, sorry kids, that mush is dinner. I’m off to eat moms home cooking! You know mummy loves you.

Keep smiling, Keep shining,
Kezzie- ma- pizza maker!

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