Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mumbo Jumbo...

Well, yesterday I was feeling totally un-blog-inspired, and could not think of anything worth writing about, so I'm going to write a load of nothing today, yay!

TA SPEECH: So, Shanah said her first full English sentence yesterday: "Mommy, get the beer OFF Kat" ha ha, probably not the most 'child welfare safe' sentence to say. Really Kat, you must stop drinking all my beers.... Just Joking, I know you'll go mental over this. But, I do drink beer now, its actually quite yummy, but it must be cold and in a bottle not a glass, I know I know, I'm straight off Jerry Springer, a 24 year old till pusher with an assortment of sprogs under the age of 7, that drinks beer out of a bottle and wine out of a box. Y'all....

Back to speech, someone please answer this: Is 'difficultest' a word? I swear it is, I use it all the time?! How about 'bestest' ? Like as in: "Lara is my bestest friend ever?" I think I should re-write the dictionary and include all of my cool words, including the word awesomest and makadingdang.

Oh this is funny, I've been singing along at full volume this song that says : " Should I give up or should I just keep chasing penguins... " I have sung this song to everyone I have come into contact with this week, so I just looked up the lyrics on the net and the correct lyrics are: " Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements... 'cause what if all pavements lead to nowhere" I wondered how penguins could lead us to nowhere, except maybe the Antarctic. Ha ha, blonde moment Kerry...

Ok Mandy Moo, I am armed with my CAMPING list, my friend, you know me so well. Mands sent me the 'list'. On my list it says : BRING DUVETS, TOWELS AND YOUR SLIPPERS. My friend, you know me inside out - literally : )

Right happy campers I am off to start packing 'camping things' - and I have the day off work today, how fabulous is that? yayness. ( ooh, another word for my dictionary )

As per some of your requests I have changed the settings again on this blog so all of you can comment even without a Google Account, but the stupid thing doesnt seem to be working. I will reset it and try again.

Oh also, here's Tayla's dancing pics she did on the beach for those of you that missed them - serious brag... ;) She had to jump on a trampoline and 'pose' she was in her element of course... Sweetie Pie.

Yes, she gets her moves from me. hahahahahahahah - oh funny.

Have a makadingdang day!


mwah xxx


Kerri said...

U are too bloody funny!!

Kerry said...

ha ha - love u my friend xxx