Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok, mushy mood is totally OVER... Today I have had the day from HELL. All day long I have been saying: " Stop the World, I want to get off!! " Seriously man.... it sucked.

This morning started off really well - ha ha, i should have guessed, the calm before the storm... Shane went off to the airport, the kids got themselves up and dressed, I was in a good mood, bags were packed and ready by the door, and by 7:30 we were on our way. Wow-on time, a miracle. Well, as soon as we stepped out of the front door it started.

Me: "Ok guys, grab your bags"

Tayla & Shanah: "Yay! School!"

Get to the car

Me: "Niamh, where's your bag?"

Niamh: "What bag"

Tension rising in my throat

Me: "Your school bag lovey, the bag you take to school every day?"

Niamh: "Erm, I dont feel like it"

Me: "Niamh, don't mess with me, get your bag and GET IN THE CAR"


By now I nearly have this kid by the throat but all of the neighbours are staring at me and I have my 'happy, Good Morning, I can cope' face on... I literally throw the bag and her into the car, strap the sprogs in and speed off - now we are LATE..

So, we are driving along in the school morning traffic, getting stuck at EVERY red robot and Tayla starts screaming. I turn around to see whats going on and Niamh has stuck about 100 stickers from her sticker book all over Tayla's face and bag... Not a happy bunny. Tayla's scream is now turning into hysteria, and I am screaming even louder at Niamh. Poor little Shan is sitting in her car seat saying: " I luf you mommy, I luf you mommy " - bless her little heart.

Finally we arrive at pre-school to drop off sticker face Tayla and a slightly bewildered Shanah. As we run into the gate at full speed, Niamh decides to pull out Tayla's pig tails. Out, gone, both in one shot, then proceeds to run around the fairy garden saying : "na na na na na" at the top of her voice, clutching Tayla's precious princess hair bands. Well, that is IT, I dont care who is watching, I flip out in front of all the calm mothers and order Niamh to sit on the pavement while I settle the little two and redo Tayla's hair.

7:51am - four mintues until the school bell goes..

I grab Lesedi (the little girl we pick up every morning for school) go running down the path alongside another late mother (mad dash to the school gate - ha ha) shouting: "Get in the car! Get in the car!" I hear Niamh come running wildly behind us, she literally pushes me, Lesedi, and the other late mum out of the way to get to the gate and falls FLAT ON HER FACE. Now we have blood pouring from one elbow and knee... by this point I really couldnt have cared if she needed stitches and said in my firmest, I can cope voice: "Get up NOW"

Late mommy number two is saying somewhere in the background: "Shame, it was an accident, here let me look for a plaster, ag shame lovey.... wa wa wa"

Clearly I am ignoring this totally IN control mother and have once again stuck Niamh into the car with mild force and screamed at her most of the way to school. 2 blocks from school I regained my " I am a mother " composure and told her I will come into school, explain to the teacher what happened and clean her up in the bathroom.

Niamh ( in her whiniest voice ) I DONT WANT TO GO TO THE BATHROOM MOM... I WANT A PARAMEDIC!

So, you guessed it, I kissed her sweet little cheeks goodbye, sped off at top speed, burst into tears and got myself off to work.

Work was a total disaster, I had a migraine, I did NOT want to be there and I sat around sulking all day. All our airport transfers were delayed and at 3 o'clock we suddenly realized we have 2 seperate tours on tomorrow, and only one car, I mean how stooopid can we be? Seriously.. panic stations all around. AAARRRGGHHH!!!

After hearing about my day, fabulous sister Meg arrived at 5 o'clock to take them all to the beach and to MacDonalds for supper. So I have managed to shower, paint my nails, have 2 cups of tea, eat my supper and type up my blog. Meg, you know I love you :)

Ok, I will leave you all in peace now, wish me luck for the bedtime story ;)

Kez (totally in control mother)


Kerri said...

HAHAHAHAH - U are a shoo-in for mother of the year!

Kerry said...

hey, i have won the award 3 years running.... flip i sound like a real child abuser now im reading it again. im not - promise!

JaneW said...

OH MY WORD kez I may be like a year late but **HUGS** what a freaking crap morning, that would have finished me off. I become a total banshee in situations like that. (Thankfully in last week's break-in the banshee trick worked well on the criminals in my house too ;)

I hope you are ok...