Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Its all about me... all about me

Sooo, we just got back from Salsa... We had a real workout tonight and Meg and I were STOKED that we actually could do the steps! Once you get the rhythm you just sort of have to go with it. Of course, we are rushing off to buy a salsa cd tomorrow to PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE!

We dragged five of the volunteer girls with us, and they had so much fun, they are all going back to their corners of the world to hunt down their closest salsa class - bless their hearts :) After the class the instructor danced with a woman who has been having private lessons for a few months. They could MOVE... but my fabulous 'anonymous' friend said :

" Nah, they ain't got no chemistry - Salsa should be Sex on Stiletto's" ha ha - love u my friend. You summed it up perfectly - Sex on Stiletto's - we can all cope with a bitta that ;)

Ok, y'all can stop blushing now. ha ha - I have visions of all of my faithful blog readers pitching up to salsa class next week in their stiletto's now - guys and all - oh funny funny.

Ooh, I had my nails done at Carlton this morning darling - they look SO fabulous if I do say so myself. I will take a picture tomorrow to post here - I just KNOW you're all dying to see them.

So, this post is going to be all about me - all about me:

I sent out an email recently to friends entitled: "How well do you know me?"

Its an email with 20 questions on it that THE PERSON THAT YOU EMAIL IT TO has to answer about YOU and then email it back to YOU. get it? got it.

So I got replies from Laura, Mandy, Kerri, Lana & Kat, these are their replies, they are so funny. If you dont know me that well, you will know me SO well after reading their answers. The italics, is me commenting.. Go make a cup of tea - go on, off you go... then come back to your pc, settle back in your uncomfortable office chair and think of me and only me . Hahahahahahahhahah - ok ok, i'll stop. Here goes:

1. Name?:

Ok - all four of them actually got this right and answered the same:

2. Where did we meet?:

KAT: I met you at the Farmers Den I asked to speak to you and the waitress went off and came back with a list of Curries that the restaurant served at the time..
KERRI: in primary school
LANA: Fishhoek Clinic
LAURA: Primary School
MANDY: saw you first on Fish hoek beach with your famdamily and Chris n Shelly. – such a cute little girlie!......(Then there are those photo’s Q has of you when you were smaller, but we will not mention those again
Thanks Mands.................

3. Take a stab at my middle name:

Ok, here you all got it right - Anne - duh? Except Lana who said Anne/Deborah - gosh, I must look like a Deborah :)

4. How long have you known me?:
KAT: 8 months ish
KERRI: 19 years or so.. Wow friend, we are getting OLD!
LANA: since late 2005
LAURA: Since around 1992, but better since 1995
MANDY: Friends for 8 years

5. Do I smoke?:
KAT: ha ha, who wants to know??!!
KERRI: I didn't think so, but I've been told that you did. Naughty girl.
Oh Whatever!......
MANDY: hope not..

6. What was your first impression of me upon meeting me?:

KAT: she seems like a good baker (you were in the middle of baking a carrot cake and then a chocolate cake (they say first impressions can be very false))

this is true friend, I cannot cook to save my life, but I will let you all in on a little secret... I can BAKE like the best of them - yes people, I can actually bake. Don't spit your tea all over your computer screens now - wipe it off. There we go.

KERRI: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know you, so I don’t know
LANA: mmm - intellectual ....(you were wearing glasses).................

Ha Ha - again, first impressions can be very deceiving... :)

LAURA: In Std 2 first impressions were more about the content of your sticker album – you had some good ones!!

Oooh - I still love stickers :)

MANDY: from when we became friends, I thought you were very mature for your age.(you were 16 with a baby, but could have sworn you were a 22 year old, the way you dealt with life!)

Its called DRUGS Moo.... ha ha, just kidding :)

7. Color of my eyes? :
KAT: depends on your mood sometimes red sometimes brown

8. Do I have any siblings & how many? :
EVERYONE: 2, Chris & Meg

Oh hang on, Lana said 'nameless brother' - thats quite funny

9. What's one of my favorite things to do ?:
KAT: spend quality time with your children and friends, drink at the Mugg and Bean
KERRI: Watch women give birth
LANA: shop for nik naks/ bric'n brac that you dont need

ha ha - you should NEVER have taken me to 'MR Cheap' - gotta love that shop - its full of crap.
LAURA: ...Have a braai? You seem to have loads of those! You like to chat with friends, spend time with your family and I would say watch chick flicks when you have time. In school you used to like writing letters (millions) and debating club – kidding!!!.

I still love writing letters ;) Debating club - oh my word - remember that, MY DEAR? Stupid morons. We were right, we were ALWAYS right.

MANDY: chilling on beach with the kids, catching up with friends over coffee/wine..

10. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you? :
KAT: probably something along the lines of Hi im Kerry.. ( jeepers, i sound boring... )
KERRI: Too long ago –my name is KERRY K E R R Y KERRY
LANA: must have been something about babies/pregnancy
LAURA: Std 2: It was something to do with my sticker album Std 5: ‘Spleen’
MANDY: ’Oh Sh1t a pooh!’ – that’s when we saw Shane on the beach when N was just born, I did laugh though! But you were still young – he hee.................

11. What's my favorite type of music ?:
KAT: very eclectic taste in music but you do have a very unhealthy obsession to one particular song by freshly ground!! (the song.. 'Id Like' from their album - Nomvula. I still dig that song, but I dont have a healthy obsession to it anymore, just so you all knojw... )
KERRI: All sorts
LANA: Nursery Rhymes... but not by choice
LAURA: Anything that you can sing along to, pop, ballads, etc, etc
MANDY: all types, depending on mood. You and the kids enjoy music

12. What is the best feature about me ?:
KAT: your willingness to help anyone
KERRI: your hair (you know I HATE my hair - but thanks friend - I'm loving it now its long )
LANA: Love your toes ( i love my toes too ;)
LAURA: Physically – A well proportioned body, that seems to have got smaller since babies! A face that suits both long and short hair (not like my chubby cheeks).and also great hair!! Other best feature is sense of humour.
MANDY: Re looks – you have beautifully thick hair

13. Am I shy or outgoing ?:
KAT: can be both but very externally outgoing
KERRI: bit of both – more outgoing tho
LANA: Outgoing
LAURA: Outgoing now, younger years were more reserved around people you didn’t know so well
MANDY: depends on who is around, but generally outgoing

14. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? :
KAT: rules but deep down I think you want to be a rule breaker!
KERRI: Again, bit of both
LANA: I think you used to be a rebel before you broke all the rules.....
LAURA: Wannabe rebel, but you would never do anything too illegal or dangerous!....
MANDY: Rebel of course...

15. What's your favorite memory of me ?:
KERRI: So many, prob our holidays in durbs
LANA: driving along Seapoint beachfront admiring the view at a snails pace not realising a huge double decker bus fast approaching behind!!! (Oh, this was so funny, I really thought we were going to get eaten by that bus - then trying to get round Greenpoint circle TOTALLY threw me.. oh that was a good belly laugh )
LAURA: School days in general – Boycotting our Std 6 class party organised by Warren and Sam, which subsequently lead to the ‘wanted’ poster of us! Squirting Jon Hamlet with a water gun just as he was about to have his picture taken by Ms Allsopp. All other crazy ‘hi-jinks’ that we used to get up to! (That was SO cool! They seriously posted up posters of me and Laura around the school with water pistols in our hands saying WANTED. all coz we gatecrashed the firemens party )
MANDY: (Many memories) You and I walking to the beach with babies in prams, then making the most of whatever bucks we could throw together to buy a bite to eat..... Big boobs small waist
- Happy times friend ;) We were SO broke, but we were happy, life seemed relatively stress free then hey?

16. Any special talents ?:
KAT: Many!
KERRI: Um, you can sing I think
LANA: You can make wet wipes from scratch../ solicit freebies from big companies
LAURA: Concealing a pregnancy for months!! - 7 months to be exact.. I'm really good at hiding things, even people!
MANDY: phenomenal multi tasker – working, managing 3 young kids – school/dancing, organizing a home, dealing with other people’s issues / would not add cooking to this list though

17. Would you consider me a friend? :
LAURA: Hell no! Yes...
MANDY: One of my closest and dearest friends – love you man!

18. How many children do I have ?:
KAT: 4, including Shane
KERRI: 3 gorgeous girls
LANA: 3, that I know of... ha ha
LAURA: Hundreds! 3 girls..
MANDY: 3 gorgeous girlies

19. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be? :
KAT: Jemima - Are you saying Im a DUCK Kat??
KERRI: Doula
LANA: Lomi - goddess of fertility - so appropriate, Shane just has to lOOK at me and Im pregnant...
LAURA: Kez, Kezzie, Kerry-Anna; Lulu (I remember that one), Mummy! I can’t think of one to make up! - Oh my word, I remember this - my mom SERIOUSLY wanted to call me LULU! imagine that...
MANDY: besides Kez ?!?!?

20. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring ?
KAT: a boat, your very organized!
KERRI: Chocolate & Wine
LANA: Your cellphone........
LAURA: Probably about 10 bags or maybe the ‘friendship book’!! Chocolate???. - yes, I LOVE my bags......
MANDY: Cellphone, wine, chocs...

OK , that took like an HOUR to cut and paste all y'all better have read it.. Now you all know just how FABULOUS i am, I MUST go to bed..

Still loving my nails by the way, they CLICK when I type. Im SO cool now.

Oh by the way, for the record, I have NEVER used the word "AntiChrist" in a sentence in my life, ever. Slightly random, but there you go.

Love u guys, sleep tight
Kez xxxxxxx

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