Saturday, March 22, 2008

Camping story almost there!

Ok, so I have been SO scarce, but today is literally the first day I could drag myself out of bed, we have been so sick with this flippin tonsilitis - R 600 worth of antibiotics had better do the trick, I HATE taking medication but it is so sore, I have to.

So..I'm busy typing up the camping story because I got the pics from Mandy -Thank You my fantastic friend! OH also, I must mention, that faithful Mandy Moo DID arrive on my doorstep with chicken soup and rolls after my desperate plea in one of my previous posts.. Ha ha, ASK and you shall receive. Thanks friend ;)

Ok, here's one pic of me WRITING my blog while camping, just to prove I have actually written it, now I'm busy typing it up and will post it here, hopefully tomorrow.
sh*t, my boobs look huge in this pic, clearly they are not used to camping.

Oh, before you read my camping post you will have to watch the movie: ANGER MANAGMENT to appreciate the context in which it is written.. so , off you go, all do a mad dash to the dvd store, unless you have seen it. Oh, I have a copy here as well, for the first one to race to my front door.

Kids are fighting, off to play referee..

Lovies ,

mwah xxx

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