Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You sound just like a stapler..

That is officially the weirdest thing any-one has ever said to me, like ever. Thanks Shane.

So, I'm back at the internet cafe thanks to Hellkom messing with my line at home. I actually get loads more work done here because I'm not thinking about making the beds, drinking tea, putting the washing on blah blah blah.

I have nothing to write about today as my mind is buzzing with all of the things to do on my TO DO list, so I'm just checking in:

MANDY - please email me friend, i'm worried about you, I havent heard from you in ages.
LAURA - I'm so jealous you went to Cuba - you are so cool.
KAT - So glad you have the week off work - plenty of pity parties for us in the Bugg n Mean this week
HAZEL - stop wasting time reading my blog and go write your own...
KATE - i miss you!! I'm sorry I missed your Skype calls - all my technologicogical things are playing up this week
CHRIS - big bruva - send me some money - fanks
JULIE - love you lots friend, one day when i visit fiji, i promise to visit you
CLAUD - i am SO getting to your email today... pwomise
TOM - hope you're whistling while you work..

ok, you were all on my to do list, so I can cross you all off now I've checked up on you.

Tayla says to me on Sunday - ITS SOOO UNFAAIRR!! Why is it Happy Mommies Day? I want it to be KID Day. - too cute

Ok I'm going before this guys greasy hair makes me cotch.

me xxx

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