Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ok, so that says 'Stormers'. Yes, we braved it and went to watch the Stormers in the Storm. I have NEVER been so drenched in my life, it gave the phrase 'bucketing down' a whole new meaning.

We arrived at the stadium 2 hours early for some Non-Existent Pre Game which Shane insisted we get there early to watch. The parking was manic so Shane dropped us off in Dean Street, which meant we had to run to the stadium in the chucking rain. Well, it was absolutely classic.. Hazel had just had her hair done, so she hogged my whole umbrella to save her hair. Halfway there I decide that I cannot go another step as I'm dying of starvation so we stop to get a boerewors roll. What a mistake - it was only dry for about 3 seconds so I had to eat it mushy and wet - yuk, then the stupid thing insisted on repeating on me for like 3 hours so Hazel wouldnt speak to me because I kept burping up boerewors.
Anyways, we are almost at the gate and I turn around to look for Hazel in the crazy sea of very wet people, and she is standing there in the rain with dripping wet hair and her umbrella blown inside out... No sooner has she fought with the umbrella to get it down, a guy walks past her and whacks her over the head with an umbrella.. ha ha, oh by this stage I was nearing hysteria. We start looking for her hubby, and find him with some hot girls hand in his shorts pocket - "looking for money" to pay for the magazine she has just sold him with her flirty eyes, as he cant possibly get the money out himself as he is carrying too much stuff. What were you carrying Dale? Oh yes, your magazine. Which by the way is still in the boot of my car.
Thank goodness we were undercover, and the game was pretty exciting, although Hazel and I think that these rugby players drink far too much tea while they are playing, and dont pass the ball around enough.
We ran back to the car after the game and went off to Cattle Baron - soaking wet. I had a Chateaubriand steak ( Steak on fire ) which was absolutely delicious, and so worth the calories.
Ok, I gotta go to work, but will try write more later on.
Keep smiling
me xxx

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