Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Lizzy

I'm really busy this week with organizing this conference and Garden Route trip..... My life has been taken over by emails, phone calls & the words : Taxi, Shuttle, Delegates, Transfer & Airport have taken over my entire vocabulary...
I HAVE been keeping up my beach walks though - now my mom & sister are unemployed again, I have walking partners ;)
I wanted to tell you my story about my friend Marita, but I need a photo to prove it, and I can't download it off my phone - friend, if you are reading this - email me your photo!!
This afternoon is busy busy with the kids afternoon - one is going to craft lesson, one to horse riding and Shanah bugs is just hanging with mom today, busy busy, and I am just seeing $$$$$ signs..

Tomorrow morning I'm going to watch Logan play in a rugby match at Sun Valley Primary - I'm so excited, he is such a cutie - here's a piccie of him how I remember him:
(i couldnt find one of him smaller - and yes Mands, i stole this from facebook ... :))

and this is him now! too cute - Love u lots Shmoges.

while i'm in a photo mood - this is my precious 10 month old nephew Jack, who I have never met!! I need to start making me some cash.... Love u lots precious boy ;)

Have a fantastic weekend !!

Keep Smiling

me xxx

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