Friday, May 16, 2008

I am old!

So, tomorrow I am going to be a quarter of a century – yes people, 25. as in halfway to 50. that is so depressing!! I still feel about 11 ;)

As this post is all about me, all about me, I decided to dig up some old photies of me me & me. They’re scanned in so the quality isn’t that great.

This is me as baby – how cute am I?

I’m about 3 here – Shanah’s age. Shanah is like my twin! Check out the next photo.

This is Shanah – age 3! Scary hey?

Oh my goodness gracious – I cannot believe my mother did this to me. I’m like 12 here!! We were touring England for a month in a mobile home, and we stopped at this place called Sanford Park for the weekend. It may have actually been in Wales. Yes Emma & Craig – WAALEES!! We had to fancy dress for some competition for the Kids Club, so my mom dressed up Me, Meg & Sian as kittens. Ok, Meg and Sian were like 9 and 4 so that’s ok, but 12?? I thought I was dead hot, and we won of course. I reckon my mom just did it for a laugh – I’ll get you back mother.

Here I am, 16 and pregnant, it must have been my sexy cat outfit that did it and – yes those are braces on my teeth… Another thing I will just never live down.

And here’s me now - halfway to 50! I don’t know whats worse, this outfit or the kitten – ha ha!! Thats me on the right by the way..

Now you’re all probably hosing yourself laughing – have a wonderful weekend.. ;)


Keep Smiling,
Me xxx


hazel said...

i cannot beleive that photo of you pregnant!!! please show me more!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all these photos!
I had to show my colleague your 'twin' pics - its amazing. Like mother like daughter!
25 aint that old - I know some fabulous peeps who are 25 and I'm one of them!
I also still feel about 10, I still feel guilty when I go to the shop to buy alcohol!!