Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chip rolls rock!

So, we went to Betty's Bay for the weekend with Hazel, Dale and our zillions of kids. Shane & I spent most of the weekend asleep, much to Hazels disgust - there's just something about the 'champagne' air out there - ha ha.. sorry friend. Shane was sick and spent most of the weekend farting and squirting - revolting i know. On my way to work this morning I heard there was a big fire in Betty's bay, the day after we left - Shane, I reckon your combustible (is that even a word?) gasses were the cause of that fire... I got a bit of the bug yesterday, so was feeling gross and Hazel just smsed me to say she is spewing up in bed - THANKS SHANE.. Chicken soup is on its way my friend.

Can you believe Hazel has NEVER eaten a chip roll? I was shocked.. we introduced them to the life of the plebs on the way home by insulting their digestive systems with sloppy white bread chip rolls, loaded with tomato sauce - yummy.... Maybe that is why we got sick? Or it could be because we cooked a WHOLE PIG on Saturday night and forced ourselves to eat it for supper & then Breakfast on sunday - that could have something to do with it. Just maybe.

We went kayaking on Saturday which was cool, I'm dying to learn how to do it properly and its a really good workout. Shane & I fought the whole way along the river because he was trying to tip the kayak and I was threatening divorce if he did so. The girls loved it and all had a go at rowing, even Shanah took a turn with her baby oar - too cute man. Hazel got rowed along the river by Dale, a girls gotta look good whilst kayaking along the river you know ;)

I'm sitting in the internet cafe writing this, the girl next to me keeps peeping over my shoulder.. nosey. She edged her chair away from me when she got to the squirting/farting line - ha ha - serves you right for being nosey girl.

(i cant find a pic that says miss nosey, so i'll improvise)I love those Mr Men books - I'm going to start collecting them again i think. I love Mr Tickle, and Miss Giggles. Send them my way if you find any.

Ok, I'm going to find some food - I'm really hungry. I went to my Doula meeting in town this morning so I'm feeling doula inspired again - I just need to keep it going this time... I can't work when im hungry though, so here i go. Kerry is being productive!

Keep smiling,


me xxx

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