Sunday, May 25, 2008


Tomorrow my baby Tayla is doing Eisteddford - which means she is dancing in front of a hall full of people, on stage – alone! She did it last year and received honours, (81%) she did so well. I think I am more nervous than her!

So, I’ve been thinking, we all have our own little quirks – come on, I know none of you really want to admit to them but I am taking the plunge, by sharing my list with you. Not superstitions, just little everyday things that you just can’t change:

1) I always have to walk up the stairs right foot first, never the left
2) Chip / Crisp packets should NEVER be opened upside down
3) Anything with numbers involved MUST land on an EVEN number. EG: the volume on TV/radio, amount of smarties I put in my mouth, amount of potatoes to be mushed up for dinner – you get the picture. Crap this means I need to produce one more child …. Absolutely no ways, sorry, I make an exception to the rule. I love the little sprogs, but one more and I really would be sent off to the nut house.
4) Due to my photographic memory – I memorize car number / license plates. Weird I know. I never look at the person driving, I always recognize you by your number plate – challenge me, come on, I know all of my close friends ones off by heart.
5) In the shower I have a strict routine – something I don’t usually have otherwise: WASH HAIR – WASH BODY – SHAVE – RINSE – WRAP HAIR UP IN TOWEL - DRY FACE AND ARMS FIRST – THEN THE REST. I never waiver from it – ever.
6) Toilet matters should be done at home and nowhere else – if we go away for the weekend – I hold it in until Sunday night. If im in the mall, I drive home and then go back to the mall. Personal, but true
7) I drive from one side of the mall to the other – I know I know I know….
8) If I am spelling out a word in my head, I flex each letter out in my leg calf muscles. I’m not explaining this very well – I would have to show you. Then again, no I wouldn’t, its too embarrassing.
9) Clothes can never be folded inside out
10) I have a strong sense of smell, and smell lots of things before I eat them/use them. I think this is due to the fact that my sister and I were always convinced my mother was trying to poison us with her cooking when we were growing up. But oh, what I would give for mums home-cooked dinner right now…. J
11) If I hear a song I love, I memorize all the words within a few minutes and insist on belting out my new fave song to everyone I see. – and they simply have to love it too, otherwise there is clearly something mentally wrong with them.
12) I hate routine – washing on a Monday, shopping on a Tuesday, dye your hair on Wednesday… etc etc. it works for some, but not for me. I do have general routine with the kids but my life is pretty spontaneous, and I love that.
13) Whenever im with Hazel, I have to blink my right eye 32 times in one sentence. Just kidding – its just because you insist on blowing your smoke in my eyes friend.
14) I once read that ‘Whenever you leave a room, you should always do one thing before you leave to make that room more beautiful’ something simple, like pick up the book kicking around under the coffee table, that’s been crumpled and stood on by every kid that’s passed it. Smell the roses you have had on the table for a week still in the cellophane. Chuck away the crusty macdonalds burger that has superglued itself to your duvet. You know, simple stuff ;) so I always do it, and hop from room to room like the dam energizer bunny.
15) Always always wipe the bubbles off the sink after you have washed the dishes….
16) Always greet people with a smile, even if you don’t like them. Sometimes a smile is the only thing they need.
17) Talking of smiling, I smile and laugh way too much and often appropriately. Like when someone falls over, or when im trying to argue with someone ( I HATE that) or telling someone some bad news – why oh why do I always smile??!!

Now I’ve ended on number 17, but its ok, because I make an exception if the date means something to me, and I was born on the seventeenth. So for example the following odd numbers are fine to end up on: 23/25/17/29 etc etc etc

Gotta go grab a smoothie – yummy………..

Keep Smiling ;)

Me xxx


The Roaming Kat said...

Please re read number 12 and then read number 5!!! you dont like routine!!

Kerry said...

i know!! thats the only thing i have routine with. oh and with our pity parties.. maybe i do like routine then??????? ha ha - you dont know me at ALL!