Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Being Productive

So I am forcing myself, kicking and screaming to be productive this week. My To Do List is getting longer by the minute, ok some of it is personal stuff, but still, it has to be done - blech..

Yesterday I was off to Fiji again... ha ha, Kitty Kat managed to drag that one out of my head : " Kerry, Fiji is death " Ok then... I had better stay put.

The whole valley heard me taking the kids to school this morning. Niamh picked up a seaweed 'vuvuzela' when we went away ( its looks like a big horn thing that you blow and it makes a really loud noise - for all you non-South Africans) here's a pic:

actually her one looks exactly like this:

This thing makes a noise like a FOG horn. So, she's puffing away full blast out the window the WHOLE way to school (about 5km) , and I'm laughing so much I can hardly drive. We pull up at the traffic lights and I'm trying to puton my stern, I'm a controlled mother voice, but I'm laughing so much I can hardly breathe. The guys looking for work at the traffic lights decide to dance and toy-toying around my car to the tune of Niamh's horn until the lights changed to green... Classic - the spirit of Africa, gotta love it ;)

Ok, I'm off to do some real work,

Keep Smiling

oh and Kitty, I'm glad there are no keys in my box this morning


me xxx

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