Friday, May 9, 2008

oh yay! a comment!

i dont know what it is about my blog, but only international people can comment on it, oh and me? so weird.

so, im going to quickly tell you about me and my friend Kat. Me & Kat (or is it Kat & I?) are the same age, and can be so alike - as in we have a similar sense of humour, big hearts, and we are both really messy. But yet we are SO different - as in I have 3 children, oh no, sorry 4 children, and a married set of friends, responsibility and I'm constantly covered in snot or sick. Kat is single, has single friends, no kids - yet, ok - she is very responsible, and she is super organized.

So, we hold regular 'pity party's' in the Mugg n Bean, which constists of us drinking far too many latte's and cafe moccha's, Kat smokes like 2 boxes of cigarettes, and sometimes we even try and work during these pity parties and bash around on our laptops in there - even though it costs like 200 bucks for 4 hours. oh no, actually my internet is always free in there, but Kat's isn't. So weird.

ANYWAYs - last night i am lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself (dramatic me) and my phone buzzes - Its Kat! Phone me - need to talk. So I send her a please call me coz i'm too broke to phone her back, and she says: Get in your car, (ok, with what petrol exactly?) no no, I will put petrol in, come to my house, lets eat pizza, drink tea and take your car for a spin. Cool! No questions asked, I jump out of my pj's (its like 9:30pm by now) jump into my car and chug up to Kat's house. We did exactly that, ate pizza, ate soup ( well, i did all the eating, Kat just watched ) drank tea & listened to 80's music - shock horror, me ?

ok, i'm going to stop here for a moment. I must have listened to 40 x 80's songs last night - i knew .... 2 of them. Kat is the same age as me but has come to the conclusion that clearly I was in a bubble for the best part of the 80's because I don't remember ANY of this music - I mean who the hell is Lou Reed? And why did they LOVE the electric keyboard so much, oh I cringe to think about it. Kat was flabbergasted that ME, who loves music sooooo much, only knew one Dire Straits song to show for it - pathetic I know.

Kat ended up putting fuel in my machine of a car (thanks friend) and we sped off around Cape Point at midnight listening to SADDO FM. ha ha - it was fun though, I came home, collapsed into bed and only woke up at 8am - oopps. Thankfully Shane had got the sprogs off to school - I'm not usually SO irresponsible before you all report me.

This morning I helped an old lady get up out of her chair in the Wimpy. She was stuck and waved her walking stick at me, indicating I should help her up. I sheepishly edged over to her, wondering if it was a ploy and she was going to bash me with her stick, but she genuinely was stuck. She was quite heavy, but I did it - so now I dont feel so bad about racing the blue rinse granny to the checkout.

The girls are all going off to sleep at sister Meg tonight so I am kidless. I'm going to watch a movie all by lonesome I think - yay.

Ok, ciao!
mwah xxx


Kerri said...

I love reading your blog - always makes me giggle!

Kerry said...

thanks friend! you are like the only one who ever comments - oh and my cousin - my faithful blog commenters :)