Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo Shoot

Kat kindly did a fabulous, very impromptu mini photo shoot for us at dinner the other night.
Here are some of her piccies - please take a look at her work on her blog :
I'm encouraging her to persue it - can you tell??
this first pic was finally taken after much hysteria - it was REALLY hard to balance. i had to squat over louise (sorry for breaking your back friend) and Hazel had to sit on my back. It was so funny, the guys couldn't believe we just suddenly decided to sprawl out on the kitchen floor to take photo's, and insisted on tickling us which was not helping the balance thing. The kids were also trying to get in on the photo, so I'm really surprised we managed to get a pic without a kid foot in it.
this second photie literally was taken sprawled out on the kitchen floor - ha ha - posh spice lips of course.

me and the fabulous photographer ;) im going to keep this pic because one day when you're rich and famous I could sell this photo for lots of bucks. so thanks.
I'm busy reading a book called " My life in my hands " by Alison Lapper. Most of you know her, because she is dead famous because she was born severely disabled and literally has no arms, but she became famous for something - i haven't got to that part yet, there is even a statue of her somewhere. oh i remember now, she is famous as an artist, and even received an award from the queen. I thought the title of the book was a bit insensitive, but maybe its meant to be that way? I'm not sure. lemme find a link :
anyway this woman is a serious inspiration, she had a hellish childhood, but still managed to lead a fantastic life because of her attitude. I'll let you know more once I've read on a bit.
Hazel, I know what you're thinking.... for the record - I fully support Autism Awareness too.
Keep Smiling!
me xxx

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