Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love it....

So, most of you know that one of my all-time favourite movies is : 13 going on 30. I know, its weird. Its no-where near a classic hit, like Dirty Dancing for example, but the stupid thing makes me cry every time I watch it and I do not cry easily, ever. I love it because it makes you think about the little things in life you should appreciate and not take for granted because life is so short and before you know it, the things you should have appreciated are whisked away from you and you can never get those moments back.

On the way to school I was trying to self-inspire myself as I’m feeling really tired and blech today. So I thought about the things that I should be grateful for and the advantages of living in this close-knit (sometimes in-bred) little valley. Ok Ok, before you all shoot me down in flames, we all know it has many dis-advantages, BUT I am focusing on being positive (Put it out there - Read ‘The Secret’)

So here are just 7 of the little things on my list that are just SO cool:
( There are 7 because, 7 is my all-time favourite number )

All of the paragraphs below start with the words “I love it …….”

1) that the newspaper man at the traffic lights is the same newspaper man that has been there since I was five years old. He knows you by name, always asks you how your family is, runs over to your car to give you your newspaper first, is always smiley and friendly even though he’s been in the freezing sorry-ass cold air since 5am, AND he never ever looks any older, Mark - you rock.

2) That the girl who was ripped off for years at school for being in the Special Needs class, has a job and looks so happy, and the people at school that teased her, are still walking around like tik addicts, and even now they try and bum 20 bucks off you if they see you in the mall. You guys suck, Edith – you rock.

3) That the headmaster at Niamh’s school – was my headmaster…. Ok, so I’m not that old, but it still rocks. He calls you by name, his door is always open, he loves the kids as if they were his own, and I still feel like I should walk ‘single file on the left hand side of the corridor’ purely out of respect – ha ha. Mr Don – you rock.

4) when you unexpectedly bump into a good friend after such a long time, and you can still catch up and waffle away like you saw them only yesterday, AND that friend is not offended that you didn’t make an effort sooner.

5) That the people in the shops in town have known you since forever, and they seriously don’t mind if you buy something and then have to leave your kid as a deposit while you run to the ATM to draw some money…

6) That the beach never changes. I watched a home video of myself yesterday - I was 9 months old and in my pram on Fish-Hoek beach. The grass area was the same, the catwalk was the same, even the sounds were the same, and that rocks. The only bit that was different was that my mom was lying there in a sexy red bikini smothered in suntan oil totally ignoring me whilst catching up on her tan, and now that I’m a mom, I don’t do that. Number 1 because I would never be caught dead in a bikini and Number 2 because my kids are SO hyper. I’m usually saving one from being carried out by the tide, the other one from being sucked up by sinking sand and the little one from being attacked by a giant jellyfish (EVERYTHING on the beach to Shanah is a fish, whether it’s a Shell, A Bee, An Ice Cream or a Bucket & Spade, Shanah says they are all: FISH!!!! And don’t even try and argue with her, I tried that, and it doesn’t work.)

7) That I’ve had over 700 hits in 4 weeks on my blog ;) - you guys rock.

Hell, I think I should send my list to Oprah for her gratitude journal, I may just win a Nobel Peace Prize or something, you just Never know.

Keep Smiling my faithful blog-readers,
Me xxx


Kerri said...

Ok, so i will admit - i cried a little bit for this blog! Very sweet my friend, and so true! I love the valley - it ROCKS!

Kerry said...

aw thanks friend. The fish in the hook rock ek se...

i think thats actually a facebook group. the internet junkies we are..
love u friend