Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to Blogging

So, I thought I would shock you all my faithful friends, and start a 'Blog' of my own. Yes, I am known to be the WORST person to keep in touch via email / sms, so if I put it all in here, you can all update yourselves on my life in one shot :) Welcome to Blogging!

My mom & I have always said we should 'write a book' on the things that have happened in our lives over the years, so hopefully this will be the start of a best-selling novel on simply: Life, As we know it.

Today I have waitressed in the family restaurant. Yes, me, serving customers... you can all stop laughing now. If I think about the jobs I have had in the last 6 years, I could cringe. I have done everything from selling fake photographs of tourists standing next to Mandela, to helping moms less fortunate while birthing their babies, Hell, I have even been a taxi driver. The joys of being a young mom of 3!!

Back to the waitressing bit... this must seriously be one of the most underpaid, undervalued jobs in the world. If ONE just ONE more person asks me for a glass of water I may just collapse with hysteria. Today, I even had one guy make me take the free water back because it had two ice blocks in it, when he only asked for one block.... that guy, NEARLY got a mouthful of my wrath. But, I smiled sweetly, scooped out the extra block and plodded back across the floor to hand him his free water with a very polite "Im very sorry about that Sir, could I get you anything else?" Yes, I can be nice.

I came home, exhausted, at 6 o'clock to find a quiet, tidy house (shock, horror after leaving husband and children in charge all day) , dragged myself into the shower and decided to start a blog... this must be the best way to get rid of all frustrations. BLOG IT OUT! Shane called me to say he took the kids to friends to swim for the afternoon, and they are braaing. He has wrapped me up a plate of food, and promised to keep the kids out of my hair for another hour so I can 'breathe'. Oh yay.

Till tomorrow - my fellow bloggers, Im WAY cool now :)
Kez x

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