Friday, February 29, 2008

Sports Day!

So, today was the Sports Day at the Primary School to introduce the Grade One's for next year. Can you believe it, my baby Tayla will be in Grade One next year! Its so scary. She didnt want to run in the survivor race, but daddy did - well, he ran a 'relay' with another daddy, Dale, the cheaters.. :) I think they came in like fourth - so not too bad, out of four. ha ha, just kidding. So, I know you are all wondering if I ran in the mommy's race... the answer is a big fat NO. Those moms are SERIOUS man , i reckon they've been training for a year just for this race. I would still be hobbling to the finish line if I'd even tried to attempt it.

I did run in a race once though, when i was about six, actually at the same school on the same field :) It was a Pyjama Race, so we had to run halfway, jump into some PJ's and then run the rest of the way. I was doing well until I stopped to put the PJ's on.... My PJ's were INSIDE OUT, well, that just wont do, so yip, you guessed it, I stopped, turned the PJ's the right way round, smoothed out the creases and gracefully jogged to the finish line......... Go Kerry Go!

Ok, my post is short and sweet, Im working a late shift at the restaurant tonight - bucks bucks bucks, every bit helps! Looking forward to the weekend off though, yay - just going to chill with my babies and join friends for a braai at Silvermine on Sunday - yummy.

One ice block or two?

Kezzie - ma - Pj racer

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