Monday, February 25, 2008

The Name of the Game

So, some have questioned the name of my blog : LoveBumps.. :) its cute hey? Its pretty simple, LoveBumps is a better word for Goose Bumps / Goose flesh, because neither of those 2 words are particularly sexy now are they?? Thats what life should be about, those 'LoveBump' moments. Like when your precious sprog stands up in their school concert to sing their little hearts out, and you go all warm and fuzzy - Lovebumps. (Kitty Kat, are you feeling warm & fuzzy reading this? ha ha) Or when you get some good news and you are genuinely happy and excited - LoveBumps! ok ok, enough of the mush.. the aim of me telling you all my crap is just to basically let you know that Im still alive, even though I've been so bad at keeping in touch.

Also, I have been questioned on why I am always singing my heart out while I'm driving - ha ha - here's a pic of me in case you missed it.

ha ha - i wish i was so talented. Ok, I'm off for now, will write something 'juicy' tomorrow to keep you all gripping the edges of your seats. Ha hahahahahah - oh this is so much fun.

Ciao for now,

Kezzie ma tezi x

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