Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We love you Miss Hannigan

I thought i published this yesterday - ooppss... still learning... this is yesterdays post:

Today I feel like Miss Hannigan - the old hag from the orphanage in the movie 'Annie', except No, I am not drunk. I have been singing this song all day:

Little girls Little girls Everywhere I turn I can see them,

Little girls, Little girls

Some women are dripping with diamonds

Some women are dripping with pearls

Lucky me! Lucky me!

Look at what I'm dripping with

Little girls

ok, i've only been singing those two paragraphs, i just read the 'real' words to the rest of the song - its actually not very nice, i'd probably be reported to social services if i admitted to singing those parts. stuff like, "someday i'll step on their freckles, wring their necks" wow - im not that bad. The little cherubs are busy tickling each other to see who can make the other one cry first - aaah, sisterly love.

I have to go out for supper now, so my post is short and sweet..

only 10 more sleeps until my weekend away!! woo--hooo!!


Kez x

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