Friday, February 29, 2008

A Chicks Handbag

I took a sleeping pill last night, which Shane assured me would "Knock me for six"... Well the stupid thing didnt kick in until this morning and now I'm ready for a 24 hour kip. So, I couldnt think about anything inspirational to write about in my groggy state and decided to empty out my handbag. Now I'm not really a handbag sort of girl as most of you know, more of a rucksack chick. The more it looks like a backpack, the better. Well, Mary Poppins must have cast a spell on this bag in the last week because the stuff just kept coming out of it, here goes:

Restaurant Stock Order Sheet - oops must order this on Monday. I must, I must.

Choc Stick Ice Cream Wrapper


A set of house keys - I dont even remember who these belong to - it must be important though

5 x starfish - ??? dont ask

A pair of slippers - erm, ja

Roll on glitter

2 x Fairy Cakes

My bulging wallet - full of receipts and 'insufficient funds' slips

Truworths Card - they mailed it to me on friday, i didnt even ask for it. Silly silly.... :)

My ipod - I love my ipod, my sanity saver

Beach Parking Disk

My house keys

Pink Satin Bag - the type of bag you would keep some 'stash' in , so I believe ;)

Chinese Calculator

A pair of stick on eyes - again... dont ask

Lip gloss - never without my trusty lip gloss!

A pin on badge that says: " When God created man, she was only joking... " ha - love it.

A Did you Know Chappie Wrapper...

Nags Head Restaurant Bill

6 Gemstones - Shanah must have slipped these in there when we went to the Gemstone Factory - well trained..

Hairclips - loads of them, we have a lotta hair between the four of us - ha ha - i know... i know...

Half a pair of sunglasses - erm, ja

Biral Natural Tranquilizers

2 x perfumes


4 Contact Lenses

My diary

Id Book

Cheque Book

Hand Cream



Playing Cards

2 x Cellphones


Wet Wipes

Sippy Cup

and R 23.60 in loose change

My bag is seriously only the size of like... erm... a box of Jungle Oats. ha ha, thats the first thing i can see that looks about the same size. So ja, beat that..

Ok, I wont put you through this agony any longer. Im out partying tonight - we have a baby sitter - YAY!!! So, tomorrow I should have fabulous things to tell.

Have a sizzling Saturday

Kezzie-ma-bag lady


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Anonymous said...

As we are sat here with the snow falling we three girls have enjoyed reading your blog! Kate wants to know was it the hangbag she bought you - and i think you bag sounds big enough to hide a small child. will continue to keep updated reading your blog, when is the next update? Marg, Kate and Caroline