Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So, I'm back!

Hello!! I am back, after much persuasion from friends to 'get your arse in gear and update your blog!' - I am trying to be inspired and write a little something for you to read..
I could sit here and write about how hectic life has been, decisions that needed to be made, my house that is an absolute pig sty, etc etc etc, but I think all that boring, draining reading will make you all reach for your mouse and click the cross in the top right hand corner of your screen, so I'm going to stop right there! No excuses, I have been a crap blogger and a crap friend of late - and I am sorry - from the bottom of my beating heart :)

This post is just going to get me back into the swing of things, so I am just posting some photies of what I've been doing lately to update you all a little, and its easier on my brain to just caption the photies instead of writing a long in-depth story - lazy i know!
So, Here goes:
Finally, the photies of Kat's leaving party!

1) Kat - I know you are going to kill me for this pic - but seriously, it is all over facebook, so I dont think you will mind me putting it here...

This gorgeous green waistcoat was part of my leaving present to Kat, as most of you know, Kat & I were Mugg n Bean Pity Party Junkies, and it took a LOT of 'removing from the refugee camp' skills (Thanks Pete Feet... ) for me to get this limited edition, gorgeous, green Mugg n Bean, knitted waistcoast to Kat. I can't tell you the whole story because Pete and I may get arrested, so lets just leave it at that. Kat, I KNOW you are wearing this every day..

2) Ok, this is us looking a little more normal...
3) Me & Medha - one of the i-to-i volunteers, isnt she beautiful? Miss you my friend.. She chopped that skirt up all by herself - I'm desperately looking for a mini denim skirt, I should have just nicked yours ;)

4) Ok, this is explainable - they serve these awesome 'Bucket Cocktails' at Octopus Garden which are absolutley delicious, although lethal.. I really was just posing for the camera - I dont know about you two though! ;)

5) Emma & Craig - our 'Welshies'. This was somewhere else, but you guys deserve a piccie on my blog because we love you lots:

Ok, moving on:
Girls night at Bohemian Yard - this was a lot of fun. Bohemian Y is a new restaurant opened in Fish-Hoek with live 'diva' entertainment, and very... erm .. Bohemain Decor! Its very girly and was so much fun..
1) Me & Lou:
2) Hazel - centre of attention :) check pams face on the right hand side - ha ha

3) Me, Megs and Shel, sipping up the strawberry daquiri's - crap, my stomach roll is not actually that fat!! I hope. Bad lighting clearly. Wow, thats really bad. Going home now to eat NOTHING but air and mung beans.

Louise's braai!
1) The gals:
2) - crap i have a number 2 but the picture uploader wont connect now!

Clearly a sign that I have shown you enough and I need to go get some food. - well, some mung beans.

I will write on Monday - PROMISE - I already have the topic: The world's worst jobs - whats your idea of the absolute worst job in the world?

Keep Smiling,
me xxx

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The Roaming Kat said...

well it is about time. thanks for the great photos. speak soon

Love you lots