Friday, August 1, 2008

The Things we do for our kids...

Ok, forget the most boring job in the world post - thats just plain old boring.. what was i thinking?

The Things we do for our kids - even if you're not a parent, I'm sure you will find these amusing :)

Shanah - (who is now 3 by the way, can you believe my baby is 3 already??) got a new soccer ball. This child is amazing with this thing, she can spin it, toss it, catch it, and all those other sporty things. She gets SO irritated with me because Mommy is ... well....very crap at catching balls. ( no rude comments here please)

So, we get the new ball, and she decides we need to give the ball a party. A party for a ball my baby? " Yes MOMMEEE, Me want party for my ballie! " Ok, my love, calm down to a panic.. We all proceeded to sit round the table with the ball taking centre stage while Shanah sang it a song at the top of her lungs and cut up the 'cake' ( playdough cake ) By this stage Niamh and Tayla were beyond boredom and were kicking each other under the table, all the while whispering under their breath " stupid sister, stupid ball, stupid cake " and I was like the mother from the INCREDIBLES holding them apart with my Elasta-girl arms while Shanah served us all 'cake' After trying to convince her that no matter how hard she shuved the cake into the balls 'mouth' it was NOT going to swallow, the party was over. Well, we thought it was - Shanah then said we must all say 'Prawers' (prayers) and Niamh had to pray for the ball. Already dying of soccer ball party embarrassment, she muttered a prayer that went as follows:

Dear God, I cannot believe my mom is making me have a party for a ball, Please help her. Oh, and tell Tayla to get off my foot, Oh and one more thing God, please help the Muslims

Don't ask where the last part came in, I just dont know.

Another friend of mine had a Facebook status update that just said : Hetha... has just had a funeral for a goldfish.

Oh, I would have loved to have been present for THAT. Dear God, please look after this dead fish, he's been a good fish and has served me well... I'm sorry he was so bored swimming round and round the same goldfish bowl for a year, and I'm sorry mommy flushed him down the toilet, but please... spare a thought for him. Too cute :)

In honor of Shanah here are 2 piccies of her, one of the day she was born, and how she is now - cutie pie.
Keep Smiling,


me xxx

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