Friday, July 4, 2008

Nikki Noo's Art

I know I've been a bad blogger of late... Life is wearing me down at the moment and I don't have a second to fart never mind blog.. I am getting organized though and will get back to normal asap - promise :)

I just found these awesome pics of my friend Nicole's art - she sketched / painted ( sorry friend, im so crap ) all of these herself - you are so talented my friend...

This one is clearly inspired by me:

oh, and this one :

and this one is my absolute favourite - I'm going to buy it. Its called 'Marriage: 6am' i think? I love it - Nic, I want this one.

1940's sex in the city girls :)

Ok, I'm off to bed, need to ssslllleeeeeppp,

Keep Smiling,


me xxx

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