Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The craziest things happen to me..

So, I dropped off dear Nathalie at the airport this morning, and even though its a fantastically warm, sunny day, I was craving a hot chocolate. I pulled in to the Wild Bean Cafe by the airport (thanks to fabulous friend Lana for introducing me to the BEST hot chocolate in the world - and Yes, its from a petrol station) and strutted across the car park with my piping hot, hot chocolate in hand. Whilst basking in the sunshine, mid-strut - some MORON walks STRAIGHT into me and chucks the whole mug of BOILING hot, hot choc down my chest... and laughs and walks off. The forecourt is FULL of people and everyone is just staring at me in disbelief. By now my boobies are really stinging and i'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. I just jumped in my car, stripped off my top and drove all the way home in my bra, crying from the pain, cursing the seat belt for being strategically placed across my right boob.

What a first-class utter Moron. And it still hurts 3 hours later, for the record.

We went on our girls night on Friday night and had so much fun, will post pics when I get some from my camera friends.

Off to fetch Shane at the beach, tough life isn't it?

Keep Smiling and sending sympathy for my sore boobies,
me xxx

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