Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My little niece

My niece Sian, had her Matric dance two weeks ago - she is SO grown up and I am starting to feel old.........! She looks stunning, so Sianie this post is dedicated to you my babe - you are one gorgeous girl, inside and out. Love you loads!!

Sian and the dude - i cant remember his name! sorry!

Sian and the dude again

I love this picture! She has a cute naughty face on - Ooh Sianie - scandalous!

And Sian and my fabulous sister Meg - I dont think i've ever put a pic of meg on here - so here you go!

Keep smiling,

me xxx

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Kerri said...

I remember when Sian was born! I am feeling a tad old right now!! I mean seriously, my matric dance was like the other day - ok 8 years ago.... but still. She looks gorgeous.