Thursday, January 29, 2009

My fabulous sister

So, my sister has moved to the BUSH... as in Katberg, as in the middle of NO where...

I just got this email from her - Taide (her precious 3 year old son) has his first day in 'Bush School' today aka normal pre-primary school.

This is the email - excuse the swearing - that's Meg for ya, should also be read in an Afrikaans accent if you can.

"hi guys

so taide went to school today for the first time....aaaahhhh! they put him in the baby class for a start and his teacher is this 3 eyed, cauliflower eared 4 legged MONSTER! she is a spas...

so i dropped him at school and his freak teacher says: Hallo boyjie, end wut is yourrrrr name??? she didnt even know his name...then when i fetched him, she looked at me as if she had never met me and said: hallo, cen I yelp you luf? i was like: YA!!! I dropped my blady kid off this morning with you.

Spas Teacher says: oh, wuts he's name?
Meg says: LISTEN , where the f**** is my kid....
Spas Teacher: I fink he is somewhere here?
Meg: Well he should be, this is where I left him.....
Meg walks outside and spots Taide ( the unknown new kid) trying to open the gate onto the road..

Meg goes red!! And just before Meg tells Spas Teacher where to get her face fixed, Spas Teacher says: Oh he carrrnt open it!!
Meg: You will be surprised!!! He can open a tin of tuna with his f***** teeth....i think he can open a gate....

So off to montesori we go!

Love ya


Gotta love her.

Keep Smiling,
Kez x

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I don't think i have EVER laughed so much ever! The tin of tuna..... oh Lordy, will the laughter ever stop??